The German anti-immigrant party – AFD has made huge gains across Germany in various local elections. Using campaign slogans such as “Stop the asylum chaos” and the leader stating that police should be allowed to shoot migrants attempting to enter the country illegally – the party have won a staggering 24% of votes in Saxony-Anhalt – one of Germanys most deprived states and a further 15% in Baden-Würtenburg, and 12% in Rhineland.

The AfD is known for having links to the far right demonstration movement Pegida – the movement officially opposes what they call the “Islamification of Europe”.

What is also notable but probably not surprising is that the AfD also have a few anti-LGBT policies. The AfD in Thuringia wants an official census counting the number of Homosexuals within the state. The policy, presented by the AFD deputy Corinna Herold in the Thuringian state parliament calls for a statistical survey which will list how many Homosexuals, Bisexuals and Transexuals are living in the state. The list would then be passed on to medical services, classifying LGBT people as “particularly vulnerable” as an attempt to work out the financial burden of LGBT peoples on the state.



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