Daddy Issues has gone a long way from a small basement party in Dalston, East London. Now they have parties around the world, from LA and New York to London and Berlin. We caught up with the gorgeous DJ Borja Peña, one of the ‘daddies’ that helps put Daddy Issues together …

Danny Polaris: So, Daddy Issues has made it to Amsterdam?

Borja Peña: Yes! I think Amsterdam is one of the coolest cities at the moment. I know so many friends that have just moved here. We were at the party at a venue at Reguliersdwarsstraat, basically the gay heart of the city! There is a DJ booth in the toilet shaped as a pink penis. We had DJs from Madrid, LA, Malta and London and some of our favorite gogos too!

DP: What’s the best thing about Amsterdam on the weekend?

BP: Best thing about partying in Amsterdam is how friendly people are. You keep on making friends, they are very nice and flirty. There are huge offerings of clubs and music, and coffee shops are great.

DJ Borja Peña pictured left

DP: Any tips for first-timers to the city?

BP: My advice … Drink lots of water, ride a bike, do not fall into the canals … book your flight on Tuesday, and try to go to some of the outdoor festivals that are happening.

DP: What tracks do you keep playing at the moment?

BP: Playing lots and lots of Mexican music. I’m obsessed with anything Mexican. I met some great DJs and producers when I got lucky I got some of their unreleased stuff and it’s like XMAS!

I love anything by Zombies in Miami, Mijo, Bufi, Theus Magu and TYU.

DP: What’s the hottest sound in your ears right now?

LIKELY47, Rosalia from Spain, MIss KETA from Italy or Kiddy Smile any day all the way. MNEK or Lizzo make me so happy.

DP: I’m so obsessed with Lizzo right now! Blame it on that juice! OK, so what’s something you’d never play?

BP: Depends on where … sometimes you’re playing some pretty weird shit or cheesy stuff or something you can not even look up to … but i mean every song has a time and place. I play a lot in London at my favorite local bar the Cock Tavern with all 80s bangers and pints. But I draw the line at “Despacito.” Everything has limits.

DP: Not even at home, alone, with a pizza and a glass of wine?

BP: With a Pizza and a glass of wine like Italodisco of course!

DP: Do you consider yourself a daddy?

BP: My boyfriend is 11 years younger than me so I guess I am? Although my friends from San Francisco say you need to be 42 to be a daddy so I do not qualify apparently. Very soon though! I think Daddy is a state of mind …

DP: Does your boyfriend call you daddy when you’re fucking? Because then you kind of are …

BJ: No he does not, we are pretty silent, like ninjas … more groaning and stuff.

DP: Do you think young gay men have a varsity of role-models these days?

BP: I do not, firstly because they have all the rights and visibility (in some places in the world, there’s a lot to fight for) so there are some great queer people inspiring the kids in every place, from movie to politics, sports and music.

What they need to do is to forget where they are now. Bitch, we’re together in this world and we’re stronger … If you can not be nice, be quiet.

DP: What’s your type, daddies, twinks or both?

BP: I have been with people of all ages and types; femme, butch, race, size …. I really do not follow stereotypes. My boyfriend is a child of all sorts of quality so I really feel blessed.

DP: So, both! Good choice. How about dad on dad action?

BP: Sure, i love some daddy porn!

DP: Well you’re kid of a daddy, I’m a daddy, child of …

BJ: As i said before, daddy is a state of mind!

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