Trash to Treasure (Video)

The latest opening at gay/queer/don’t care who you fuck art space „The Ballery“ in Berlin-Schöneberg will be featuring a selection of artists who turned trash into artworks. Rubbish, or Müll as the locals call it, is – and always has been – a byproduct of human existence. Whilst the idea of using garbage to create bankable decoration items to put in our living rooms may be old, Simon Williams, owner of and curator at The Ballery, uses the rubbish collective to open his very own autumn season, which brings many changes to the Kiez. One would be The Ballery’s new youtube channel, where friends – and foes – can experience the gallery buzz online. Trash to Treasure will be hosting the Magpie Art Collective, Søren Drastrup, Frauke Linker, Mark Reeder, Naomi Takaki, Chris Phillips, Olivia Descampe, Otto Oscar Hernández, Oscar Rómulo Hernández Cabrera and a live performance by Viennese sound-swirl Mandy Mozart.

Opening Trash to Treasure | Saturday 30th of September | 6pm

The Ballery | Nollendorfstrasse 11 – 12 | 10777 Berlin

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