The world moves on: one minute it’s a video, then a CD and finally that writhing mass of performing flesh is online. The gay porn industry has always moved with the times. This year the Prowler European Porn Awards (PEPA) joins the race for a wider audience with the very welcome arrival of European gay porn talent into London.

Forget Brexit – there will be more than just Brits coming this year! Who says the gay porn industry isn’t what it used to be? The web has certainly changed the dynamic and it’s less profitable than it used to be but who can deny that online hasn’t exposed even more of European cream to our eyes? When the Prowler Porn Awards kicked off in London five years ago it was an all-Brit affair. Yes, a few Continental performers slipped in through the backdoor and stood up for Europe but the real thrust came from the Brits and boy, did they go at it hard!
Last year’s event took place in Vauxhall, still the pride of the South London gay scene, with Mr.Pam hosting the raucous awards and still managing to appeal to an audience that consisted of performers, admirers, studio bosses, talent scouts, supporters and a lot of envious older guys. It was hard to believe that there could be a porn recession; hard to believe there were those saying things were not the same on Planet Gay Porn and they would come to a sticky end. Well as the 2017 awards ceremony did come to a close, the idea of that sticky end certainly made itself known in what turned out to be an utterly compelling and sex-fueld after-party that ran on until the early hours.
The gay porn world is adaptive and flexible – a bit like the sort of action we like to see on screen – and in May 2018 at Fire in London the PEPA will show what Europe has to offer as a host of established and new continental performers slip into London. Technology moves on but the action stays the same: fucking is fucking and there will always be an audience, as there was until the early hours of last year’s awards despite the lack of cameras. This year ChiChi LaRue will be hosting the evening’s ceremonies and playing music at the after-party to accompany the live sex shows and performances.

The real winners on the night will not be the performers or the studios from Manchester, Berlin, Prague, Amsterdam or Paris, although many of them will walk away with one or more of the nights prestigious awards. The recipients of the real prizes will be any one of us interested and fascinated in equal measure by the gay porn industry who get to meet the very people who bring fantasies into their lives. Ignore the tales of doom about how the internet is killing the business. Talk to people like Apply To Model or any of the major studios such as Bel Ami, Staxus or Cazzo; there are more than enough applications, jock and twinks, daddies and femboys to ensure the cream will rise to the top to entertain audiences for generations to come.
When the doors opened in 2017 more than an hour before anyone even walked onto the stage at the Prowler Porn Awards, the line to get into the event was halfway round the block and under the railway arches. London barely raises an eye when twinks in full fuck-me; micro-shorts and glittery tops wobble down the road from the tube station or step off a London bus. Awards ceremonies are not new and yet success is wholly dependant on mood, atmosphere and that all-important guest list. With Prowler it is more a case of getting the right people to cum …… at the right time!
If we’re looking at the gay porn world and asking what’s the next big thing, then London might well be the place you’ll find it. Having the cream of European gay porn at the PEPA will mean there is still a close relationship with mainland Europe. If you want to test that theory then maybe you need to come to – and at – the after-party at this year’s Prowler European Porn Awards. This is not the time to pull out…..

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