About 6 years ago Londoner Adrian Lourie was the new kid on the block in the world of Zines with the debut of his quarterly publication Meat magazine. Like many other startups, in the beginning, he had to manage on a strict budget and was shooting photos of local guys in front of a plain white wall in his flat. Adrian wore all the hats in each production – photographer, editor, publisher and promoter. This is how and where Meat was born.

What makes Meat different than many of the other gay zines out there is its laid back asthetic. Yes, it is printed in full color with a pull out centerfold in each issue, but the models he shoots champion the idea of a pinup as being a guy who falls outside of the stereotypical gay masculinity in terms of ‘mainstream’ gay media and porn.

„What makes MEAT different than many of the other gay zines out there is its laid back asthetic.“

Adrian describes himself as sort of old fashioned and remembers first looking at gay pin ups thru his then innocent eyes. He now thinks – well more like, is convinced, we’ve all lost some of that innocence in the digital age. Now images of any kind are available at a click and that leaves us all a bit desensitized. For him it is more about the guy in front of my camera and about telling a story about them via his photographs. He is just as interested in them as a person as he is of seeing a picture of them in their underwear, confessing he loves to get to know the guys he shoots.

To keep his project rolling, Adrian has been on the prowl in and around the London scene looking for new regular blokes in their own clothes to be the next Meat guy – good sources have been friends of previous models, connecting at events and guys who follow or buy the zine obviously. As the icing on the cake each issue gets a launch party at the legendary Royal Vauxhall Tavern which routinely attracts the gay scenesters, dancing bears, club kids and pups-next-door.

More recently Adrian has ventured out of London to expand the Meat territory, first with a Paris edition late last year and next up is the Meat Berlin special edition which should be a real tasty treat! If you’re a fan of hot blokes, underpants, hairy chests, high top sneakers, tube socks, vests, shorts or beards, Meat is for you.

Black Boot

to get more info and order a copy go to meatzine.com

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