Wesley Woods had just got back from a twelve hour filming session with a guy, a girl and a transgender girl. They’d spent the whole day and night fucking each other, and Wes video called me from the bathtub after the five hour drive from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. Yeah it’s wild! 

I never thought I’d be so comfortable living as bold and OUT as I do.

So Wes, that group scene sounds intense!
I didn’t even leave Vegas until 1am. I thanked Ella Nova afterwards, for allowing me to spend time around her vagina because I felt like I had learned way more about the anatomy of another human than I had previously known.
I’m used to putting dicks in my mouth. it’s just a dick, you suck it and move on. Dicks like to get hard and get off. But with a vagina, I was not really sure how to treat one – so I listened and did as I was told.

You’ve been doing a wider range of bi and trans porn recently…
Yeah it’s wild! I never thought I’d be so comfortable living as bold and OUT as I do. My love for my transgender friends and our current political climate has lead me to creating a wider range to allow more people to enjoy. I just wish to be used, somehow, somewhere in someone’s fantasy, regardless of the style of porn.

You got attacked in the Autumn of last year. How are you dealing with the impact of that?
I am mentally and emotionally still working through some weirdness I have around public spaces and people. I know it’s a process and I’ve mentally prepared myself for the journey. The scar tissue in my lip is not only sensitive, sometimes painful, but also a new insecurity I’m learning to deal with and process through. I’m extremely lucky to have the support of my friends, family, fans and I have been shown love by so many others who never even knew me before the incident.

I can’t say physical actions are always needed, but I definitely believe that when it is the last means, you better believe I’ll act like a deranged country critter and come at you with everything I have. And, I encourage others to be prepared to do the same.

You’ve had problems with anger in the past, how did this manifest itself? What happened, and how are you dealing with these issues now?
I joke a lot about taking a group anger management class every Monday night in LA, but in actuality it has really helped me form an idea of what was really happening. I discovered that I didn’t have an, “anger problem,” but a problem setting proper boundaries, accurately, through words. All my insecurities of who I was and the resentment I had toward people telling me I wasn’t right or good enough would eventually lead to the powerless feeling of anger and rage. I would sit so uncomfortably in my own skin. I was unable to be vulnerable and allow others in.
Alcohol and nightlife became how I’d slip away for a few hours to escape any real issues I was experiencing. The anxiety, loneliness and depression. It didn’t and doesn’t work. I’m an extremist. I do everything in life extra, and in this area of life my extremist tendencies caused more problems.
I have spent time actively working towards bettering myself, for myself, so I may be better for myself and  others. What I’ve discovered is the power of thoughts and words. Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will create your world. Being honest with yourself and allowing yourself to feel emotions and ask yourself, why you feel that way will eventually lead you to the real root of the problem. I constantly remind myself “this is all an ego test.” I truly believe happiness is removing yourself from whatever “negative” situation you’re in and realising it isn’t about you.

Wesley Woods

Do you ever get performance anxiety before sex?
Not anxiety, but excitement. I think we’re just programmed to think of it as anxious when we should be thinking of it as positive energy. We should be using that energy to be like ‘Oh my God I’m so excited, this is going to be so much fun.”

Have your family always been comfortable with you doing porn?
Yes. I think they’ve grown a lot more comfortable with it, but there was never a reaction like, “we hate you, we disown you, this is the dumbest idea we ever heard,” never once. Nowadays, I’m on Face Time with my parents with ChiChi LaRue.
I always say it’s because my parents loved me too much is why I got into porn. If they’d loved me less and I’d loved myself less I’d probably never have gotten into porn. You can’t keep a good dog down. Bow Wow Wow Wow!

What makes you want to have sex with someone?

I’m a spiritual person, and connection can exist and manifest itself in many different ways. It’s extremely hard for me to say what it is that will attract me to someone. My range of attraction is completely all over the place.

I don’t like being told what’s “attractive” and I don’t care that my comfort within my sexuality may cause others to feel uncomfortable.

If I were to date someone they would have to be compassionate and patient. I’m truly attracted to those who live comfortably in their skin, however they choose to live

How can our readers make the best of themselves in 2019?

Always say yes. You’ve got to get out and partake in life. Live boldly and live for you but also knowing that there are others trying to do the same thing and allow that space to exist. The world can be such a beautiful place if we just allow ourselves to be our own crazy selves, full throttle. 

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