Florian stopped by the Boner headquarters recently to talk with us about his photograpy and upcoming book project. Like many Berliners his primary mode of transportation is a bicycle. Commenting on his new piece of one speed machinery with its shiny new chrome wheels, natural leather saddle and dark grey powdercoated frame I quickly realized that this too was a carefully thought out minimalistic combination of elements – completely void of anything unnecessary. The primary and repeating trait that also stands out in his photo works as well.  

First off, Florian Hetz readily admitted he has been a Mapplethorpe fan from a very young age. Plus besides his career as a photographer, he is the bar manager of the world famous Berghain Panoramabar where he gets a nightly dose of Berlin‘s party goers – the good, the bad and all the rest that are allowed in the door. 

Mostly a very private person, he explains that his photography is a life documentation that includes both selfportraits and casual or sometimes improvised intimate scenes. Here Florian fully explores the extremes in maleness with his trademark photos of his hedonistitic adventures – a visual portfolio of both intriguing and unusual juxtapositions. 


Case in point is his photo of the golden ANAL ring on a flush wet tongue – by far one of my favorites. This particular close and personal pic conjures up a not so hidden meaning of the 4 letters on the ring. But is this only about a passing devious thought, a prequel to a juicy sexual act or maybe a reward after a very gratifying tongue probing sex romp? Florian‘s cropped and very close range images intentionally leave the viewer surrounded with an empty space outside of the frame that makes us uneasy and questioning, similar to the close up shots of the ringing telephone in David Lynch‘s movie Lost Highways. 

This unnerving element of the untold story is what Florian has mastered and it definitely pushes all my buttons! He evokes an overwhelming primal response that leaves us asking what might be happening outside his very controlled and intended frame of focus – we remain begging to know what could be. His intentional dismissing of everything other than the juicy close up in each of his photos causes our imaginations to run wild. 

Later on he conceded, “many of my works focus around saliva, wanking and cum, these all are such natural things but are still so demonised, so with each image I intentionally play freely with male bodily fluids and sex parts to grab at my viewer‘s attention.“

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