For as long as there has been paper there have been paper dolls and New York artist Carmine Santaniello has adapted this very old tradition in a very unique way to show us exactly what is on his mind.

In Europe, particularly France, the first paper dolls were made during the mid-18th century. The paper was jointed and they were called pantins meaning dancing or jumping jacks puppet – Hampelmann in German.

Circus by Carmine Santaniello - BlackBoot - Boner MagazineSantaniello creates both paper dolls and hand made pop-up books that most any adult collector would enjoy. His black and white vintage looking figures appear like sexy gay cast members from an AHS Freak Show episode and are not shy about popping out their boners – as it should always be in a more perfect world.

BB: Firstly, I just love these, but how did you get started with gay paperdolls?

CS: By creating my articulated dolls/puppets and artist pop up books…It‘s another way for me to bring my homo erotic art, my love for the male form and gay themes into play.

BB: Many artists create work to hang on the wall to be enjoyed. What inspired you to go with this format?

CS: Besides being displayed and exhibited my art is hands on for the patron. The dolls/puppets can be posed and the books have to be opened to pop up. I want the art to be carefully touched as well as admired and viewed.

BB: Well the hands on thing is a big + for me and probably a lot of Boner fans out there too!

Circus 2 by Carmine Santaniello - BlackBoot - Boner MagazineCS: The artist pop up books to me are voyeuristic works of art, with little vignettes of activity in selected environments. The articulated dolls/puppets are just that, only my theme is gay iconic imagery such as erotica and S&M with pop up cocks…sort of art/toys for collectors.

BB: Are the puppets originals or do you create many of them?

CS: Each work of art is handmade, starting as an original collage and then made into original lithographs. They are hand crafted into limited editions of five for each figure.

BB: Thanks again for sharing your work with us for our readers and please keep those boners popping up for everyone to enjoy !

Artist‘s site:

Black Boot for Boner Magazine

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