December is here again and it‘s time to get everyone on your shopping list that perfect present. A liter of lube for my friend the slut, a jock and socks for the other one and maybe some new sneakers for me. You probably don‘t have chastity on the list of delightful treasures to give because many guys fear that not being able to feel your warm blood filled cock pulsing in your own hand would amount to some kind of torture. I had the opportunity to speak with a very sexy guy named Danny who thinks the opposite to be very exhilirating. Here is what he had to say about it.

BB: When did you first become interested in cock chastity?

Danny: It all started when I was about twenty years old. I saw some boys wearing chastity devices on the internet and got more and more engrossed with each video, so I decided to get my own chastity device. The first one was so uncomfortable that I didn‘t wear it much. Then about two or three years later, I bought a better one and I wore it a lot more.

BB: What got you to start experimenting with this?

Danny: It got me really fired up watching those boys and even more when I put on a device. For me it enhances the feeling that I‘m the bottom who is not allowed to cum and really intensifes the feeling of getting used and abused by the top.

the-gift-of-chastity-by-black-boot-for-boner-magazine-41-dezember-2016-3BB: There are many kinds of devices, how did you find the right one?

Danny: Sure, I‘ve tried lots of different types. First thing is that it fits me and I could wear all day long. I would like to live my every day life in a chastity device, For me, one piece devices are the best plus hygiene and skin compatibility are a big thing too because in many versions there are lot of chemicals inside that irritate the skin.

BB: So you wear one all the time or just during sex?

Danny: I always wear my chastity device and enjoy that feeling it gives all the time. It‘s a constant reminder that I‘m a bottom.

BB: What made you decide on the device that we see you wearing in the pictures here?

Danny: It‘s very comfortable. I could wear it a long time, it fits well and it doesn‘t show under my clothes. But I have to say that it is not the perfect device ever. I‘m still looking for one which has a better materials – so I‘m experimenting a little.

BB: You say that you don‘t like to use poppers or do chem-sex. Does wearing this device give you a natural high and how?

Danny: True. I love it to be the bottom and all the sensations that go with it. Wearing my chastity device during sex amplifies the perception that I can‘t cum – this gives me the feeling of being totally used by the top and that‘s truly amazing for me!


BB: I noticed that you sport a nice sized cock there boy. With all that butt hole stimulation, do you get a hard on while bottoming and how does this feel in the device?

Danny: It‘s a really interesting situation because you want get hard, but you know it is not possible and not allowed. An erection in a device purposely feels unpleasant and as good bottom, you must know your place. Normally it doesn‘t happen to me and a good top forbids it. The most important thing for me is not to cum during sex and an expert top can prevent that from happening.

BB: I remeber a video of a guy wearing a device – full on dripping and then oozing a full load of cum out of his cock from being fucked so hard. Have ever you cum with it on while you are being fucked?

Danny: Precum starts dripping when I‘m totally horny or sometimes I play with my device to stimulate my cock but that isn‘t what I want – being a locked fuck bottom is my focus.

BB: What‘s next up for you? Maybe looking for a full time chastity master?

Danny: Yes, absolutetly! This would take everything to the next level, somebody who monitors me constantly and is in complete control. It would be a BIG turn on if a top did that for me – and a sexy one in sportswear or rubber would be ideal.


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