“FutureV” started as a dance film project with queer refugees in Berlin. The idea behind it is to create a space in which all persons involved can express themselves through Voguing and their creativity. Now the project has been restructured, so we are not only focused on queer refugees but on all persons who are neglected by society because of gender, sexual orientation, skin color, social class. Meet the pretty head behind all this: Ariclenes A. Garcia aka AriGato Melody.

Ariclenes A. Garcia aka AriGato Melody

You speak of the Ballroom history of the NYC Black and Latinx LGBTIQ-community as your inspiration for this project. Can you elaborate? The idea is to have a safe space for people without a family or perspective here in Berlin. Bringing together non-Berliners in one room and creating something new with them makes me really happy. We don‘t have many Black & Latinx queer people in the Berlin LGBTIQ-community, so that’s why we focus on the queer refugee community to give them a space where they can be free.

We fight on the dance floor and not on the street!

Are there parallels to the situation back then and now? There are some parallels like practicing to get better in categories to walk and to be adopted from houses and we all want those thirty seconds of fame! We also want this safe space in the community where we can be free and have fun. But nowadays we are a bit more independent and we can choose which family we want to join. Back in the days there weren’t that many houses you could join. Today there’s more than thirty houses, in Germany alone more than six major houses and more than seven kiki* houses.

Why is fighting and partying together so important now? We just fight during the competition and after the competition we try to have fun and to have exchanges and to grow from it. We fight on the dance floor and not on the street!

If you could point out one weakness in our community, what would it be? I would point out the drugs and disrespect for each other. The community doesn’t speak about those problems as much as we should and everything is just about party, sex an drugs! And we are so picky and judgmental. 


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*A “kiki” is a term which grew out of Black and Latino gay social culture – loosely defined as a gathering of friends for the purpose of gossiping and chit-chat.

Photography: Mark Esper www.markesper.com

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