[ct_dropcap color=”Gray” style=”square” ]O[/ct_dropcap]n Thursday I had the opportunity to talk with Fabien Fleury from France at the Boner headquarters in Schönberg about his porn career and his second visit to our city.

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As the streets are filling up with revelers from all over shopping and preparing for their wild weekend ahead in Berlin we took a break to chat about what he has been up to and also his plans for the future. It was the first time that we met in person and he brought along his friend and fellow actor Alexis Tivoli to help out with translating for us.

He is both a featured actor and more recently a director for the French porn label Crunchboy.com that was founded by Jess Royan and is now celebating it’s seventh year.  Fabien is a sneakerboy to the core. He arrived to the interview outfitted in LaCoste trackies, a basecap and his classic TNs which are the sneaker of choice of the most of the guys in France. He told me  that this particular Nike model as always been popular there and they come in a much bigger range of colors than here in Germany, and that he wears them exclusively in both his personal & professional worlds. Just so you all know, he took one off and showed me that he wears the EU size 45 and we all know what that means – he wears big socks too. He also explained thru his translator that Crunch is actually a street slang for sexy sneaker or skaterguy, giving an us the insider definition to the label name Crunchboy.


In his film career, starting as soon as he reached  the sweet age of 18 and has so far done 15 with Crunchboy, 6 with Sketboy and 5 with EricVideos – and has been directing now for 3 years.  He mentioned that some of his favorite scenes were with EricVideos because these scenes were filmed with his boyfriend at the time, so they were extra sexy to him. In the cumming soon department – Fabien is hard at work with a special new film project that will feature sneaker and bareback sex scenes to add to the mix and we are looking forward to seeing these hot new releases! And now while he is here in Berlin, Faby favorite person to argue withian and his crew will be checking out as much as our city has to offer during this major gay holiday of Folsom-EU, plus he mentioned that he was invited to be the guest of honour at the Berlin Sneakers Party on Saturday at Mutschmann’s where they will be screening some of his work, that was the highlight of this trip.  So you will all have a few opportunities for yourself to meet Fabien in person if you are in the right place at the right time.

Wishing you ALL a great Folsom EU in Berlin this year!

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