We met the fabulous FKA last week and were overwhelmed by their genuine spirit and open vibe. They’ve had a fantastic journey as a DJ and performer so far, and you’re going to love finding out all about it…

Danny Polaris: FKA, on Facebook recently you said “set fire to the rulebook of gender & piss all over it.” Tell us more!

FKA: FKA is an extremely fluid, at times complex and an important part of my identity. I constantly find myself floating in the realms of society’s expectations of me as a “man”.

Whilst I always present as a male, it doesn’t deny my feelings of fluidity & femininity. Gender is purely a social construct and the faster we tear down gender expectations for potential careers, bathrooms and teaching in school – the better our future generations will be.

DP: You’ve done a fair bit of work with the queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race. How does this style of drag compare to the alternative queer scenes of Berlin and London?

FKA: I’ve been very fortunate to work alongside queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race for just over the past three years.

Mostly with Klub Kids UK, but also recently, I was independently booked on a tour of Australia with wonderful queens like Ben DeLa Creme, Morgan McMicheals and Mariah Balenciaga, who have become great friends.

The UK Drag market in recent years has absolutely taken a turn in direction, with more of a focus on the new age of young glamour queens vs the old school queens. “Drag Race babies,” I like to call them – have risen up in mass.

Which I think is wonderful, because all drag is valid. Unless you’re pandering your racism & misogyny all over the stage. Then you gotta go.

Unfortunately British drag still has a huge side to the performance side that heavily relies on this terrible hateful comedy that makes me uncomfortable. I mean, a group of middle aged white men complaining about vaginas. Grow on up, Mary.

Recently I was part of the Bollocks to Brexit show in Monster Ronsons here in Berlin. There were 12 incredible British artists, and I was blown away by the variety.

It really felt like being at home, at The Glory in East London for example. Berlin drag represents this same variety and open minded nature. I adore it.  

DP: What came first, DJing or performance?

FKA: Technically performance came first, but DJing started bringing in the money and bookings earlier – my very first set was for Jodie Harsh’s Dollar Baby in October 2017.

She was really only the other Drag DJ when i started, and now there’s hundreds running around with their laptops and Spotify playlists.

Working beside Jodie so early in my career really catapulted me into an early and quite steep success, my Instagram following (@allaboutfka) grew like crazy, I was booked and flown out to Tokyo, Amsterdam and Berlin to play and at the time I barely had any idea what I was doing. I had no idea how to mix, use a CDJ.

But I was determined to learn and I did. I’m an excellent DJ now, and without sounding arrogant I have to acknowledge my hard work, I spend a lot of my free time practising in studios, on YouTube, studying other DJs – this is my baby.

DP: Who are your main musical influences?

FKA: When I’m able to play my most authentic sound and not pop music, I see my main influences as a mix of Honey Dijon, Peggy Gou & Shaun J. Wright. Three of my musical idols and I hope to have a scratch of their success, which I will of course work my butt off for.  

DP: Where’s your favourite place in the world?

FKA: That is a hard question, but for some reason the first place that came to mind was Thailand so I’m going to go for that – around this time last year I was really overworked, I was performing a lot, at some points 6 nights a week and in multiple countries, I wanted a holiday and was scrolling through British Airways and saw an extremely cheap flight to Bangkok for the next day. I booked it and off I was. It was the most care-free thing I have ever done and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I met incredible people, ate great food and had a wonderful relaxing time. I’m going to do it again soon.

DP: Who would you most like to perform with or create a track with?

FKA: I had the pleasure of playing a warm up set for Honey Dijon last year, who if you hadn’t guessed was my musical idol. I hope one day to collaborate with her.

I’m currently working on producing original music and her sound gives me a lot of inspiration. I’d hope to one day b2b with her or even just play beside her on a lineup.

DP: What do you have coming up over the next few months?

FKA: I have my usual wonderful international adventures, I have a two week stint booked in Los Angeles at the end of May – I’m taking my best friend and it’s going to be a wonderful time.

Up first I have the launch of my brand new bi-monthly queer takeover iScream.

I brand it an explosion of queer technicolour. The party is entirely focused on your senses, I wanted to create something new for Berlin nightlife; smells of cotton candy & other flavours pumped into the room every hour, the venue has a 360 LED visual screen, the music will be provided by New York nightlife legend, Larry Tee + myself. Gieza Poke will host her own pre-show before the party…

Our headliner is none other than Ariel Versace from RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 11. It’s all happening on Friday 19th April @ ASeven Nightclub in Alexanderplatz.

Tickets for the iScream party are available here

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