By definition the name “spandex” is an anagram of the word “expands” and Lycra is a brand name – but however you stretch it, this is the sexy fabric that clings to your body like a second skin, silky smooth, slippery to the touch as it hugs every curve and bulge of your anatomy. And its also the preferred fabric of superheroes.

Lycra was developed for sports uniforms, giving that sexy body defining look to all the super fit gymnasts in the olympics and swimmers in their speedos. Later it made its way into the gym, where we all check out the guys next to us hoping to spy whatever they have to offer under this shinny colorful second skin. Just like the leather and uniform fetishists from the previous generations, these new lycra guys are slipping into their own niche.

It is this mindset that brings us to this story of our man in Berlin – with first impressions he comes across as any regular guy next door – interested in fitness, fashion, sneakers, photography and of course electronic gadgets.

And then we talk about his online alias – Lycra Chris. He smiles and explaines his fetish was born at around age 6 when his mom bought him his first Radfahrer outfit. It was love at first touch and he always wore it with a big smile when he went riding. The rest is history, one that he has been very busy photo-documenting.


He dresses himself in a daily selection of shiny lycra shorts, tights or one piece wrestling style suits, prefering a thicker body compressing fabric to a thin or sheer one. He says these variants are much sexier and firmly grip you so you can really feel them on your body. His Lycra pieces are mostly paired with french LaCoste socks, Nike sneakers and a base cap to complete the look. Now ready for his close up he can start the photo session.

Lycra Chris keeps in mind that the main focus of these selfie photos is to capture the sheen of fabric and the way it shows off what you have underneath it. He relishes in the sensations the lycra creates on him as he rubs the palms of his hands over this second skin, working himself into a state of arousal that only a dedicated lycra fetishist can truly get wrapped up in and appreciate.

photos BlackBoot

He wears it almost every day and can be seen riding the U-Bahn, at the gym or shopping at the market – saying that he enjoys the attention that he gets from standing out in the crowd.

To see more of Lycra Chris check out his page:

Black Boot for Boner Magazine

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