Everything in your local Spätkauf comes wrapped up in their glossy little packages, all ready for you to grab and go. They all have catchy names and colorfull labels that scream buy me, buy me now. Everything you can imagine is packed inside that little shop on the corner. Salty, sweet, crunchy, caffeine, alcohol – yes, everything to satisfy any one or all of your cravings of the moment.

While the picture on the wrapper looks delicious and seemingly good for you, what comes inside could be full of nutritional baggage – empty calories of sugars, fats, preservatives, chemical additives, and probably artificial colors too. It‘s even more so now with all that Easter candy piled sky high in the aisles. But ohhhh those cravings will get the best of you and you need to take care of them quickly. You have to find something right now to satisfy your urges. Plus I‘m sure you know that euphoric feeling you get from stuffing a delictable Kit Kat, Snickers or Twix down your throat. Face it, we all do. It seems that this has many similarities to having a raging cock craving and fulfilling that urge, right?

The Prague based artist duo Gray_Guys pair these familiar tasty chocolate treats with juicy throbbing cocks in their watercolor paintings – single cocks, sperm spouting cocks and even two cocks together for that double penetration action. These guys draw and paint all kinds of sexy maleness, but here I am focusing on this specific series because it strikes a nerve with me. I feel that both chocolate and cocks can be equally addictive. So they are, in fact, a perfect combination.

Let‘s compare. How many times have you casually opened your favorite ‚sex finder‘ app to see what is going on nearby thinking I will only take a quick look and see? OOOPS! Sexy dick pics galore! You start swiping left. Oh, here is a hot one. Oh, this guy‘s cock is bigger. Oh, this guy is looking for NOW. Oh, this one is only 285 meters away! You can so easily get sucked into that quick fix syndrome just like in the candy aisle. Then, a few hours later you find yourself a bit disoriented and trying to figure out how to get back to your flat on some random night bus.

Similarly, as with chocolate, you can‘t have just one bite. Good or bad, with what starts off as a seemingly innocent but impulsive act, it could very well satisfy you, or maybe just leave you looking for more. This can go either way and I can‘t think of anyone that doesn‘t know what I am talking about here.

Whatever you fancy is, milky or dark, sweet or with some big salty nuts, enjoy your next excursion to the corner Spätkauf to its fullest in your ongoing mission to fulfill your cravings and bite the ear of that chocolate bunny. (bb)



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