When it comes to summertime, knowing what to wear can prove a genuine struggle for men. Are short-sleeved shirts still a thing? Are tank tops tolerable in the city? But more importantly, how to survive the heat with style?

Shorts are a great way for men to show a little skin and cool down in warmer climates. But for years conventions have told us that they need to finish on the knee … Well not anymore! This season shorts are gonna be short!

life’s short, so this summer dare short shorts!

Not seen since the 80s, the short shorts ala runner style, that are cut super-high to the thigh, are making a comeback this summer. Controversial trend but we totally love it. On the catwalks, from Topman Design «All in shorts» band of bros to the Christopher Shannon «slutty conceptual» silhouettes, legs are celebrating freedom! Innocent boy at Kenzo, Kinky Corporate for Versace , or invisible shorts with Etudes, everyone can find their style.

When taking this look into real-life wear, it’s important to remem­ber that short-shorts don’t have to be a fashion faux pas. They simply require a little thought … With a loose t-shirt on top, regular socks, and a pair of sneakers, mini shorts will create a sexy but casual look without being vulgar.

Since there’s not so much fabric to work with, be sure to opt for a pair that fits well – short doesn’t necessarily mean tight! Then look for the nice details – and finally, fancy colours and patterns! As a conclusion, remember that life’s short, so this summer dare short shorts!


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