Let’s face it, this post holiday season combined with the greyness of the dead of winter can be very unmotivating and depressing of us all, so this month Boner Magazine wants to share some sexy art in full blown color to get you through this challenging time.

I discovered Scott’s work in my constant quest for new talent and started to follow him online. Using an uncommon combination of collage and embroidery he creates his unique artworks that somehow add an element of luxury and high art to cropped imagery that is culled from his collection of vintage porn. It is exactly this juxtaposition that attracted me to his work.

Scott studied at The Glasgow School of Art and then completed his MA in Fashion at Central Saint Martin’s in London majoring in fashion and textile design. He  enjoyed decorating the body via garment in his designs, then after a few successful seasons his priorities began to shift. With a fascination of working with his hands he quite accidentally began to focus on the centuries old art of embroidery. As things progressed he became more and more involved in making another kind of art as we show here in our first issue of the new year.

On his website he professes: “This is a man who embroiders. He does so in both the literal and figurative sense, as Scott Ramsay Kyle has become best friend with thread in order to create the images that ascribe to him this very particular narrative identity. Originally a designer, the London creative also defines himself through an artistic practice revealing a collagist inspiration: sewing over iconography borrowed from gay pornography, Scott Ramsay Kyle dresses torsos, penises and muscles of all kinds in quasi-abstract relief flirting with the romantic. The flowers become masks, the colours are reminiscent of travesty; this is an orgy of the textile body that celebrates the figure of the man-spectacle.”

He does confess that the act of embroidering can sometimes get pretty boring at times after working at it for hours, but as each piece comes together, all the stitch marks begin to look like painted brushstrokes applied over the images that he has assembled underneath. These repeated actions of stitching, in and out and up and down, piercing thru the surface while looking at the the sexy models is very similar to wanking. Plus the end result is nearly the same. He is overcome with a great sense of euphoria and zen with every completed artwork, which according to him, is very similar to that feeling one has just after shooting off a huge load of cum. After each long session of self indulgent manipulation, the magic climax of rainbow colored gushing sprays across the page makes every man go “ahhhhhh”.

Hopefully you will get a similar sense pulsing through your male parts after taking a long and hard look at his virility filled artworks. (bb)


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