On my last trip to London we went to see two amazing museum exhibitions – Queer British Art at the Tate and another at the Museum of Illustration that were both featured in the April 2017 issue of Boner Magazine. We were also invited to a vernissage for the artist Pegasus where he was showing his new British Icon paintings of Queen Elisabeth II., David Bowie, Amy Winehouse, and Naomi Campbell. That evening the prosecco was flowing very freely and it was there that I first met two talented London based street artists, Neonsavage who was our November 2017 featured artist and Hello the Mushroom – the rest is Boner history.

I had seen some of her Rainbow Lucifer on the streets and was very happy to finally meet the artist responsible for creating them. After the Pegasus vernissage, Hello the Mushroom led us on a local tour of her street art and to an exhibition with one of the art collectives that she is involved in. Then there were more cocktails. That was a night to remember including the rainbow croissants at the all night bakery a few doors down on Brick Lane. Needless to say our next day in London got off to a late start.

Hello the Mushroom is a London-based artist whose work can be found in many forms both on the streets and in galleries. Her works are mostly based on collage and reworked found imagery. It takes a humorous approach to sexuality, body image and beauty standards as well as reflecting on her recovery from a life-threatening form of cancer. This led to the prominence of skull icons superimposed on sexy models and adverts which in her words, „represents the transience of life while challenging us to re-evaluate our life’s purpose and priorities“.

Hello the Mushroom will be presenting a solo exhibition and her first time in Berlin this month on Saturday the 17th of February in cooperation with Boner Magazine and with direction by our arts editor. The pieces in this appropriately titled ‘Pound£and’ exhibition will feature adaptations and
reimaginated images of the sexy guys from covers and pages of Boner as well as our affilliated titles at Urning Verlag.

In the past, Boner magazine has hosted a few rather intimate art events for friends and fans but this will be the first in an official gallery space and also open to the public. Hopefully, we will be continuing with these in the future, but it all depends on YOU, so here is our facebook event link with all the information and hope to see you there to support our community of artists and arts events!

Artist’s link: instagram.com/hellothemushroom

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