Every gay person has heard it before. The almost hysterical shriek, when one talks about vaginas among fellow homos. “Ewww”, “completely disgusting” or even very obscene devaluations of the female pendent to the penis: the pussy! Are they being silly, is it some kind of phobia, or are there other motives behind it? Are you being a misogynist because the patriarchal structures of our world have taught us that women are weaker and less valuable than men? One woman who was often confronted with this on the gay scene is the performer and Ex-Berliner Miss Natasha Enquist.

Hope you don’t feel offended by the word Pussyphobia? I’m not trying to mock misogyny! It is an offensive term if used incorrectly, much like racial slurs or faggot, bitch, slut would be if used by the wrong person. It can empower or offend. 

“Misogyny is linked to the stripping down of human rights (…) Being treated as a subordinate is a cancer in our society”

When do you know if someone is a misogynist, and when someone is just having a bad day? Someone having a bad day has nothing to do with misogyny. A misogynist is someone who has a vulgar, anti-female point of view and attitude towards women and despises female traits and aspects.

Miss Natasha Enquist live on Folsom Europe Stage. Photo: Stephen Daedalus

Can you name an example? Some everyday Misogyny examples are calling a woman a “bitch” when she is defending herself, calling a woman a “slut” for enjoying her sex life, calling a woman a “stupid bitch” for bumping into you or getting in your way on the street, saying a woman would look a lot prettier, better, nicer if she wore more make up, less make up, lost weight, gained weight, wore her hair this way, that way, was younger, etc. A big example would be when there is enjoyment or entertainment out of causing a woman discomfort through intimidation and humiliation via street harassment, cat-calling, sexual harassment, physical assault, and/or sexual assault. Having the opinion that a woman is irrelevant because of her age or lack of sex appeal, mocking a woman’s biology at her expense – making jokes about menstruation, being told periods are gross or dirty, and the one that is the most ignorant and damaging in our society is saying the vulva smells of fish. A vaginal infection is horrible enough to experience first-hand, we don’t need this ignorant idea going around anymore.

Why do you think men would hate women just for the fact that they are women? Why do we hate anyone? Sometimes people pass on what they have been subjected to. Such as childhood trauma, not enough love, abuse, the need for validation, the fear of rejection, toxic cultural normalities that cater towards macho attitudes. Sometimes it’s a narcissistic personality that needs control.

How do you feel it’s affecting your life, professionally and privately? I have worked as a professional performer, singer-songwriter and art model within Berlin and parts of Europe, and had clients that often liked it when I appeared as the sexy dolled up female, but once I had an educated opinion, or had specific needs then I was seen and treated as a problem, told I was hard to work with, i.e. a bitch. It happens less and less because I can smell it coming, it’s usually in the form of sexism, and I am happy to be a bitch, I’ve fought to become her. But it’s a position birthed from hate or struggle, and when I am my strongest is when I am given love, empathy and support. Misogyny in my private life is quickly defused. I don’t tolerate and I revolt when it does happen.

Do you get misogyny from women too? Yes, of course. Media teaches us to hate ourselves, and to be competitive with each other. Impossible beauty standards, diet culture, old-fashioned values based on patriarchal structures.

Why do you feel it’s important to discuss this? Misogyny is linked to the stripping down of human rights. Hate and disdain towards women and female identity spills over in LGBT+ issues, POC, minorities, immigrants, those with special needs, and children. Being treated as a subordinate is a cancer in our society.


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