Kayden Gray ziert das Cover unserer Juli-Ausgabe und das nicht ohne Grund: Im Mai outete sich der Pornostar als HIV-positiv und setzte damit ein deutliches Zeichen für einen vernünftigeren Umgang mit dem Status Quo. Kayden nimmt regelmäßig Medikamente ein, seine Viruslast liegt unter der Nachweisgrenze. Somit ist er grundsätzlich nicht mehr ansteckend. (Interview auf englisch)

Kayden, we all saw your „outing-video“, why did you decide that to do now? I‘ve actually wanted to come out with this for a while but I didn‘t have the courage. The ignorance of our society is still great enough for people to fear being open about their HIV status. A perfect example of that is the fact some people were outraged when they watched it and convinced I had an obligation to disclose my status to anyone I would have sex with, which of course is as untrue as it is ridiculous. What I wanted for my confession to achieve is to shed a light on HIV as it is today, so that people can wave the stereotypes goodbye and get a better idea what it means to be positive, but without sugarcoating it.

Was it difficult for you to came out with that, because you’re a porn star. In all honesty, being a porn actor has social consequences people don‘t necessarily even imagine, unless they experience it first hand, sometimes even then things don‘t bother them. This has certainly been a cherry on top. But making it difficult … Not at all. I was ready and it needed to be done. I feel relieved.

What is the Message for your fans and we heard that you will engage for health projects? Yes, I‘m involved with Impulse London – a gay men‘s sexual and mental health organisation. Our long term goal is to demystify sexual health and inspire young LGBTQ+ people to take care of themselves while having the best time. And to my dear fans – thank you for supporting me, especially through this challenging‚ post confession‘ time. I appreciate it guys. I do however have a small request – please no more get-well-soon messages. I‘m well and I‘m not going anywhere. Don‘t worry. Much Love!

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