At a vernissage in Berlin I was introduced to a sexy bearded Berliner who was polite, well educated and quite mannerly. He spoke with a delicate balance of formality and deviance. I soon also realized to my delight that he is not one to shy away from the kinky side of a conversation. Later he explained that he hand paints fine porcelain pieces, was trained in the studios of the famous German house of Meissen and also worked with Princess Astrid of Norway. 

He then showed me some pictures of his work that were on his phone, including a few illustrations for the first Gegen party flyers at the Kit Kat Club – thats where I immediately recognized his work from.

Monk Porn

Erik takes this classic painting style and with his subtle humor, visually narrates twisted stories of contemporary sexuality in the same fashion as an artist would have depicted themes of beauty, love and romance for the Kaisers some two or three hundred years ago. Adapting his unique perspective on life of ‚more is less‘ – he artfully reinterprets references from history and mythology, transforming them into some of the most amazing paintings on porcelain art objects that I have ever seen.

Butt Plug
Tell me Erik how did your appreciation for porcelain works come to be?

This porcelain fascination started quite early. As a child I always loved when my parents used a china service that has a bloody WWII background.

Their illustrations made my fantasies run wild ! Also, in the 1940‘s my grandpa lived here in Germany in a village that is close to the Czech border. There he worked at the palace and was a employee of the baroness. It was in 1945 when everything became totally chaotic and the Germans had to leave Bohemia. Some wooden boxes arrived at the palace that were sent by another aristocratic family, friends of the baroness, who were forced out of their home.

These boxes were filled with their family‘s treasures – carpets, Chinese fans and porcelain – anything of value that they could salvage. No one ever came to pick up all these things after the war. Thinking the lives of the owners probably had come to some gruesome end, the baroness gave everyone who worked for her something out of the boxes. My grandpa decided to take the china service. I inherited it and now have it at my place – and still love it. I only use it when the ,,good“ guests are invited.

Let me ask some quickies that might reveal some inspirations for your new works we see here.Sneakers

Mythology – Greek or Roman?


Carnivore or herbivore?


Fruit – apples or pears?


Theatre – Comedy or Tragedy?
TragedyBig Pink Penis

Music – baroque or indie?

Beard or mustache?
Beard – and the longer the better…

Lube – silicone or water?
Water? No, that doesn‘t work for me

Well Erik, this a
ll makes me want to own a piece even more now.

Black Boot for Boner Magazine

Was denkst du darüber?