UK marketing comparison site Compare the Market have done a study showing that 56.5% of people using Grindr think that all the scrolling and “Hi,” “Hi,” “How are you?” “Fine, you?” can lead to love. That’s a big percentage, considering the horrors that the study also uncovered.

The poll of over 2000 adults looked at dating habits on a bunch of dating sites, with Grindr heavily featured.

Who’s the most optimistic?

The age range of 25 to 34 year olds have the most optimism about falling in love online. Responding to the question: “Do you think it’s possible to fall in love through an online dating site/app?” 34% said “Yes definitely.” Well that’s nice.

Dating horror stories

It’s not all rosey though. Three in five people (59%) have had a bad experience. The study revealed some of the most common first time dating disasters, including 17% that clearly fancied someone else, 13% spilling wine on their date (but let’s be clear, spilt wine is a disaster in any situation) and 21% having to run away because a date was so bad. Now we’ve never done that. Not before getting their wifi password anyway.

It gets worse…

Some more specific quotes from participants show that one person was scammed for over £30,000 (ouch), and someone being over 30 years older than their photos. Now we’ve all ‘stretched’ the life of some of our favourite pictures, but would you have the guts to turn up after sending a photo that was taken over three decades ago?

It’s clear we hate similar things about online dating

41% of people surveyed can’t stand dishonesty, and 36% can’t stand conversations that go nowhere. We’re surprised that isn’t much higher. Most conversations on Grindr go nowhere. Or maybe that’s just us? Perhaps we need to be a bit more open to love at the Boner office. For now we’ll just keep on scrolling…

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