Last week, Rupaul Drag’s Race celebrated the colour Orange, with a Rusical inspired by the Cheetos President himself : Donald Trump. On the runway, the category was Orange Alert!

We’ve noticed that in recent fashion week collections, there was pretty much a lot of orange too. This colour is not the easiest to wear. It’s often judged to be “too much,” and can be difficult to match with other colours.

It’s often called old school or old-fashioned too. But we disagree. This happy colour can lead to some explosive trendy looks if you have the right styling tips. Good job you’re here then eh?

Get ready for an extra shot of beta-carotene…

Just a touch of pumpkin

Stella McCartney (Fall 2019) offers a very chic palette matching shades of camel, beechwood and pumpkin!

Ultra Tangerine, Total Look

This is a statement look with a wow effect guaranteed! To recreate this ‘total look’ effect with success, make sure to play with different fabrics and textiles.
Ambush (Fall 2019)

Use squash and cantaloupe as undertones

Sacai on his fall 2019 runway, served some softer orange tones. Those shades bring a hint of fire to your looks without screaming for attention. Trend alert: Orange and a touch of blue.

Go incognito in fiery orange

Who would think to use orange for a look that’s meant to cover your face and be good for privacy? No one, except for the designer Vêtements of course. It’s a practical look, against Martian sandstorms or paparazzi, and especially against being chased by paparazzi during a Martian sandstorm. But jokes aside, this shade of orange reminds us of fire and tigers. It fits well with normcore jeans.

Salamander and dots

Orange and black is an unfortunate halloween combination. To go super-trendy with this edgy association, think patterns. This graphic play on dots on flowing satin by Palomo Spain give us life! You can also go with stripes, a houndstooth or a leopard print. Orange is the colour of fun, so let your boldness shine.

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