Steve Gees and SkinBossDan stopped by the Boner office while they were in Berlin to talk about their recent and upcoming projects.

Steve is the administrator of BGS and promotes the longest running skins event at the Boltz bar in Birmingham which has become a true staple in the skinhead calender. He says, „The atmosphere is relaxed and social while the darker corners of the club tend to be filled with horny fun! BGS welcomes everyone to their night with out a strict dress code, however we do encourage skinheads to get into their boots, braces and bleachers. If you interested in joining the brotherhood then come along and make some friends.“
Dan is a porn producer & owner of SkinBossFilms, the newest label in association with Trigafilms which has been known as the home for British hardcore filth for many years. Dan’s new project focuses on the skins world and eagerly continues with that same XXX tradition.

Steve & Dan at the Boner wall of Fam

In our conversations, these two lads shared the details of their upcoming skins event back home.
If you have the chance to be in Birmingham this weekend – 27 thru 29 November, Steve and Dan will be very busy presenting OiFest 7 there, the EU’s biggest Gay Skin Party at the Boltz. These special weekend events will have a strict dresscode. Three days of bleachers, braces and hot skin guys – with lots of beer drinking, Ska music, a boot shine and of course the full English Breakfast to start these party days off right.

This event and others produced by BGS – British Gay Skins Community, taking its name from their founding location, includes and welcomes non political skin guys from all over the EU and has been fast growing since it was first launched in 2008.
I am quite sure that they will offer you something to remember and have you wanting to come back for more.

If you can’t make it to the UK this time you will indeed miss a great weekend – but not to worry. These guys also have plans to bring their debauchery to a venue nearer you soon.

Their Red Light Christmas party Saturday 19.12. at the Eagle in London or SkinFest coming in July 2016 to Mutschmann’s in Berlin.

Check out this link for more information:

Black Boot for Boner Magazine

British Gay SkinsOi Fest 7


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