Folsom Europe is always one of the big events in the Berlin calendar. Leather and Fetish Fans travel to Berlin to party together at the many great events during that week. We talk to Frank Wild from San Francisco who will be headlining the infamous PIG Party this year.

Nice to have you over for PIG Party – what do people think about Berlin when they read you are playing at a “PIG” Party? Everyone, including myself, is always super-excited to hear about me spinning at PIG Berlin. The party has a great reputation all over the world. It is known for being a one-of-a-kind event; something not to be missed.

How long have you been DJing and how would you describe your sound: I have been DJing for 14 years. I spin a wide range of sounds and I always gear my music specifically for each event. For PIG and other fetish events I play a masculine, harder sound. Always energetic but on the darker side.

Is the sound very different in Berlin from the one you are playing in San Francisco? In general I find club-goers all over Europe to be more open-minded about music than in the USA. I really enjoy spinning for these crowds; you can play a large selection of new tracks and the party-goers are very receptive to hear them.

How long do you need to prepare your sets and where do you get the inspirations? For a gig such as PIG it probably takes me a few weeks to get my music prepared. Searching for new tracks is my favorite part of DJing. I love finding a great track and playing it for the first time at a big party.

Finally, what are your thoughts about gay partylife in Germany? The party scene in Germany is fantastic. The crowds are wonderful and so are the exciting venues. I have been spinning in Berlin for about 7 years now – starting at the Fate Club with a party called SexDance. I always look forward to gigs in Germany. Besides Berlin I have performed in Cologne and Frankfurt.

Interview: Isan Oral


DJ Charts

1.    Check Out – Lio Q (Original Mix)
2.    Halo – Filterheadz (Original Mix)
3.    Drop Me – Chris Montana (Danny Mart remix)
4.    Cacharel – Koen Groeneveld (Original Mix)
5.    Out of Touch –  Lateral Cut Groove (Original Mix)
6.    Quadro – DJ Fist (Original Mix)
7.    Africa – Jose Spinnin Cortes (Plastik Playaz Remix)
8.    Kickin – Edson Pride (Original Mix)
9.    La Mamadora – Patricia Mel (Alex Gomix Remix)
10.  Disco Dance – Rodrigo Baron (Ralph Factory Mix)

Upcoming gigs

Sept 6    – Nowhere Bar, NYC, USA
Sept 12  – PIG, Berlin, Germany
Oct 3      – The Cuff, Seattle, WA, USA
Oct 4      – Steamworks, Seattle, WA, USA
Oct 9      – RuffWILD, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Oct 10    – Steamworks, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Instagram: djfrankwild29


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