We are not talking about the dark 1937 novella written by the author John Steinbeck here, but a related topic that has also been a frequent target of critics and censors over the past decades, and that is street art. You can find many of neonsavage_art paste-ups all around London and his trademark street mice artworks are much more tame than this special edition of rodents he shared here for Boner Magazine.

Here he combines vintage muscled porn boy bodies with his cartoon mouse head creating these hybrid sex creatures. This deck of playing cards painted by London based street artist neonsavage_art, shows you a few more things that we would all like to get our greasy hands on. According to tradition, playing cards are divided into four different suits and are typically palm-sized for convenient handling, but these neon_savage cards are a bit spicier than what you might be used to. What are you holding in your hand? Do you have a king or maybe a 10? Is your deck loaded? What will you pick up next? Go right ahead – make your move and don’t hold up the game.

You have been working with this mouse image for a while now. I’ve been drawing mice in different forms and putting them on the streets of London for almost two years now, cheerful happy mice, that hopefully make people smile, colourful and slightly cheeky. My solo PR campaign to give mice a better image you might say.

Only in London? It all began here in Shoreditch but my mice started travelling around the world via a network of fellow pasteup artists.

Do you focus on street art only? Not everything goes up on the streets. I started drawing my mice onto vintage postcards too. Searching through a box of my old postcards I found a pack of nude playing cards, a souvenir from my days working in a Soho sex shop. Immediately I knew there was big fun to be had with this long lost treasure! Then shortly after the idea for my beefcake mice was born.

Do you think Londoner’s are ready for your new X-rated mice? So far, they haven’t made it onto the streets, but I’ve been showing them to friends who all have encouraged me to paint more. The mice on playing cards have gone through a few stages of artistic evolution. I am convinced that the fluffy fun colors I paint on the images are exactly what the stark nakedness of the original photos on these cards needed. The point is to catch people off guard and make them think – what is going on here? The contrast of cute mouse head and naked beefcake body really takes people by surprise. As coy as Mickey or Minnie try to act, we all know that mice like to have sex too. I imagine this is what mice would look like on gay dating apps! (bb)

For more mice action from the streets of London follow the artist on his instagram here: @neonsavage_art

To see the full uncensored works by the artist click here https://bonermagazine.com/mice_men_18/

Was denkst du darüber?