YO! SISSY is the first international queer music festival in Germany. The first edition took place this past summer over the course of 3 days, 3 different venues, and featured over 50 acts from 15 different countries. Headliners included Peaches, Crystal Waters, JD Samson, CHRISTEENE, The Hidden Cameras, Cakes da Killa, Hi-Fashion, Hard Ton, and many others. The second edition will take place July 29-31, 2016. And it wouldn’t be Berlin unless we all had to support it. NOW! Chat time with host Pansy …

Already over 10.000 Euros raised you’re not far from reaching the goal now. Isn’t the stress of crowdfunding releasing a lot of energy? We are still halfway from our goal, its a long way to go but we believe in the importance of this festival and are staying positive about it! The stress of crowdfunding is definitely made easier by the support of our community and we are having a great time on this adventure. 

click image to support YO! SISSY | photo – Lisa Wassmann

What acts have already given you guys a thumbs up should you make the 25.000 Euro mark? We won’t give away any secrets just yet! The festival cannot happen yesterday without the success of this Kickstarter, therefore every little bit of support counts. 

Everybody loves YO Sissy! Have you never been criticized for it? Sure! Like anything new in town, there has been a fair amount of criticism. We really take it to heart and listen to what people are saying in order to improve and be more inclusive, while remaining true to ourselves, our vision, and our values. 

click image to support YO! SISSY | photo – Lisa Wassmann

What does „queer“ really mean, in your own words … Queer means many things, to many different people. That idea is inherent to its definition, even if that definition has changed in the last 30 years. For us it means the desire and necessity to go against the grain. To question mainstream acceptance and to exist in a category that does not quite fit. Often, that has to do with one’s sexuality…but I think many times it goes far beyond that and into one’s view of the world. 

If you could resurrect any famous person (just for one night), who would that be? I don’t like following the rules or picking favourites, so I’m going to name a few: Marsha P. Johnson, Susan Sontag, Roland Barthes, Liberace, Gore Vidal, Donna Summer, and Whitney Houston. Wouldn’t that be a fun party?

It surely would …


click image to support YO! SISSY | photo – Lisa Wassmann

Interview: Torsten Schwick

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