Born in the middle 1950s, he has seen the gay world around him go through some enormous and mostly positive changes – bringing about a coming of age that was mostly dreamt about in the last century.

Nitzberg’s artistic training as a graphic designer and illustrator has molded his approach to drawing and painting. His use of contrasting materials intermixed in nontraditional ways goes hand in hand with his penchant to topple traditional views of masculinity and beauty. Working with mainly acrylics, gouache and pastels he is very successful in presenting a full erotic story in one single frame that is entirely hand made, quite the contrary to the digital world that now surrounds us.


Influenced by the people and friends around him plus the many gay drawing groups he regularly attends, Chuck creates his own atmosphere for charged artistic expression.  A focus on the male figure in this type of free setting provides an environment in which he can explore the duality of identification and objectification that comes from within.  In this context he creates sensual nonpartisan imagery that directly relates to gay empowerment in today‘s society.


Chuck says that working in these groups allows him the luxury of drawing and painting from live models – which in turn helps him to capture the mood, the true essence of the person that is modeling for him, not to miss the many minute elements that might be overlooked when working from fotos or digital images. 

So you paint live in the studio, that is great ! 

My best work is drawn from life. 

I see that this is not the typical nude model drawing session that we think of from art school. The guys you show here express much more sexuality than in a traditional pose.

What you see is what you get. Plus, I like to paint the model with some added clothing, so he is not totally nude and these elements add to the visual story.

Many think the point is to see everything a guy has to offer, why don‘t you make this happen?

I always ask the models if they have something personal and interesting to wear. I think this adds a unique element to the composition and the end result is much sexier.

Can you share a personal story about this? 

In the case of the double portrait of Todd, he wanted to show a side of himself that other people were not aware of, so he brought some leather gear. Wearing his harness paired with my lower vantage point gives the finished composition an added dimension of power and dominance that might not have been possible with a totally nude figure. 

Your blending of a very traditional art techniques with both fetish and sensuality totally works as I see in these very sexy examples!

Thanks and I am working on more as we speak for a future exhibition at the Prince Street Project Space, it’s the annex to the Leslie Lohman LGBT Museum in NYC and will keep you updated.


Artist sites: Nitzberg


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