Look out you lucky people, Miss Natasha Enquist shows no restraint when it comes to personal freedom. Watching people move like shadows through their lives, kept under under „Lock & Key“, as she says in her song, „You don’t have to be THAT, to be in love with me“. 

Made at Folsom Europe Street Fair

Miss Natasha Enquist teamed up with electronic music producer, Matresanch, to create a complimentary track and blend their musical backgrounds. In addition, they bring you into the fantasy world of Berlin’s Folsom Europe Street Fair, as Miss Natasha Enquist is candidly followed throughout the crowds of Europe’s largest gay fetish event in their music video for „Lock & Key“.

Miss Natasha Enquist

Miss Natasha Enquist is a Canadian multi-disciplinary artist, based somewhere in a space-time travel continuum between Berlin, Germany and the Pacific Northwest of Canada. Originally from British Columbia, Canada, she studied classical piano as a child and attended the University of Victoria for History of Art. After a career in fashion she let the accordion take over her life. She has performed her way from Canada to Walt Disney World, and over to Europe to progress with bridging the gap between electronic pop music and the accordion. Miss Natasha Enquist treats the accordion as a human-powered synthesiser. While enchanting her audiences with her charming and sultry presence with her dreamy, dark, romantic „electro-accordion chanteuse“ style.

Love out loud

„Lock & Key“ is available on all major digital music platforms (iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, etc) and directly from Miss Natasha Enquist’s bandcamp

Are you locked up, and only through equality can you have the key? Don’t be afraid when you feel that freedom. Love out loud.

Special thanks go to Butcherei Lindinger, Mario Wagner, Folsom Europe, Male.Space as well as the Tom of Finland Foundation who supported the making of the video.

MNE live performance videos on Vimeo

MNE on MTV GERMANY now on MTV.de & VIVA.tv

Read more about Miss Natasha Enquist here https://bonermagazine.com/miss-natasha-enquist/

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