Miss Natasha Enquist is the new David Bowie for those who spend their Sundays at Berghain. With the same mix of glam sensibility and come-fuck-me attitude, her new album, MNE, takes you on a kaleidoscopic interstellar stardust journey of self-discovery. Propulsive base-lines provided by a transformed accordion blasts you off from this mundane world and lead you to an alternative ‘Golden Planet’ normally reached on the dancefloor with chemical enhancement. On this expedition, Miss Enquist is the Star Captain. But she is not leading you on some cheap tour through labyrinthine dark rooms. This is not a drug trip that will quickly wear off. As you zip in and around alien landscapes, you realize that you’re travelling to a place deeply recognizable to anyone with a soul.
The soundtrack to this voyage is built around Miss Enquist’s sweat voice and her innovative accordion playing. Please, do not be put off by this instrument. The songs on MNE in no way resembles those clichéd renditions of La Vie en Rose that waft through every Paris-set Hollywood blockbuster. Miss Enquist plays her instrument long, deep and hard. She layers it over electric beats and produces a new sound. Miss Enquist’s music feels familiar to anyone who has spent time in Berlin clubs and, at the same time, completely and utterly otherworldly.

Not everything in this new terrain is joyful. MNE is, at times, an encounter with the dark side hidden within each of us. On ‘Iron Heart’, Miss Enquist sings of our being ‘lost in time on the road of our lives.’ But, this is not a Suicide Tuesday brought on by partying excess. These moments of difficulty give form to the lightness and beauty of the amazing world around us all. Give in and Miss Enquist will take you to your own personal Eden. As she sings on ‘Weltgeist’: ‘Gently whisper me your favorite game and your world will never be the same.“

Author: Skylar Benedict

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