Hung Australian stud Max Arion goes by his nickname “The Pony”. Who wants a ride?

Where are you from, how you got to do Porn?

Sydney Australia is home. I have been doing porn since early 2018 but in the adult industry a while longer doing erotica and erotic life modelling.

Max Arion, Lucas Entertainment

Seeing your scenes we wonder: You prefer one-on-one scenes, three-ways or gang bangs?

They’re all fun, but I really enjoy one on one scenes. When the chemistry is perfect it’s so hot and intense to share it.

Is there anything you would like to do in front of the camera? 

Three things, the first is show my geeky side and then have hot sex. The second, instigate hot group sex with a whole bunch of my sexy cast mates and friends and by the end be covered in everyone’s cum. Lastly, show my fully dominant side more confidently to help take someone to the edge.

What wouldn’t you do?

Well I’m not much of a bottom, so being on the receiving end more extrem ass play stuff isn’t something people will see a lot of.

What turns you on in a  guy?

Kindness, confidence and a good sense of humour.


Being cruel and dishonest.

If you had three wishes: …

Great sex for everyone, magical powers for me and stop hurting the environment.

Max Arion, Lucas Entertainment

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