Dylan is by far the hottest boy piece on planet porn right now. This hung twink says he’s mostly a bottom, but that he likes to top “sometimes.” Whatever Dylan wants to do is just fine by us, right?

What’s it like to be a porn star at the age of just 20? Being a Porn Star at the age of 20 can be stressful but also rewarding in many ways, I believe it gave me more confidence in who I am, meeting different people has been great, what I’ve really learned is patience because a lot of people ask questions or judge you for your decision to make porn, so taking the time to be understanding and willing to own being a porn star and not let people get you down is the hardest part but also worth it once you get past that part, so far I enjoy my field of work and am great full for all my positive supporters I have and hope to only move forward!

How did you decide to get into porn and how did you feel when you first began? I decided to get into porn because I’m pretty open minded and obviously enjoy sex so I thought why not balance those out and see what it could bring! Nothing in particular pushed me in the direction I think I’ve had the thought in my head before and now was just the time I acted on it.

I felt confused and excited first mainly because it’s a new world and new things are interesting but inside you just have to know your focus and go from there, you’ll question if you made the right decision but questioning yourself never helps, I always think no matter what you do you should own that and make it amazing. Meeting new people and just getting the hang of everything is the work at first and if you can get through that you can get through anything!

What three qualities do you think are needed to be a good porn star? Three qualities I think are needed to be a porn star would be CONFIDENCE number one! Because you have to be comfortable with who you are and being so open mentally and physically to partners and the world. RESPECT because we really are having sex and sex can be nerve-wrecking, so being considerate and respectful to your partner and your body is always best, and will make your scenes much smoother and enjoyable! Third would be OUTGOING because you are on camera and also performing so if you are outgoing and comfortable to be where you’re at that’s where the magic happens.

Can we talk a little about your personal life? When did you first realise you were gay? Well growing up I had 6 sisters so watching them and being close to my mom, being girly or seeing so many personalities made me comfortable and I personally think I was born gay, I always played with barbies or loved to dress up and just be over the top. I never really realized until I knew what being gay meant but I was always attracted to men and being supported by my family for being me never made me question who I was.

From the world of porn, who would be your dream date? Mmmm … Clark Parker hands down 🙂



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