Freshly signed by Falcon Studio Group as exclusive model, hot muscle stud Drake Masters tells us how he got into porn and what makes him tick.

How and when did you decide to work in porn? Porn has always been intriguing to me. I enjoy sex on many levels, gay, bi, trans, it’s all the same to me. At the age of twentynine I had a few opportunities come my way asking to join a production company. At the time, of course I was nervous and not sure if being in the public eye was for me. The moment I decided for it was when Steve Cruz, director of Raging Stallion took me under his wings and gave me an amazing opportunity to be an exclusive performer. After my first scene with Riley Mitchel, I knew I was on track and that it was something I wanted!

What has been your favorite scene so far and why? My favourite scene would definitely have to be ‘Do Me For The Likes’. I have always been a fan of Teddy Torres, that man is sexy! Then Max Duro came into the picture and I was star-struck, nervous as fuck but excited that Steve Cruz understood me and my taste in men. That three-way was fucking amazing and to have Mr. Pam helping out just made everything come together and feel like family.

Raging Stallion

Who would you like to shoot a scene with? Hmmmmmm, who to shoot with next … The million dollar question. Sergeant Miles, that man has a dick to worship and those balls slapping my ass. Yup, I’m a size queen, but aren’t we all?

I do it because I get off on making others cream their pants.

Do you prefer one-on-one or group scenes? I prefer either. I think as a gay man we all have our fetish and kinks. It’s finding the right people or community that makes these situations happen and have fun with it. I love the connection of one-on one, nothing is sexier then two men connecting on every level, kissing, spitting, flip fuck, swapping loads. Fuck Yeah. Though this little piglet definitely loves a good group where I’m a submissive bottom getting loaded up by five sexy furry men. Beards are a must, I have a body that can take a good romp and beard butt munching is fucking heaven!

What would you like to say your fans? All of this is amazing, yes. But I do it because I get off on making others cream their pants. My fans have been a huge support for me in this journey, it gives me reassurance and confidence that I’m a good person and doing a great job at what I love and have passion for. I never realised the impact I would have on this industry, the support exploded and I owe it to my fans to continue. They keep this fire inside me going, even the fans that disagree or even hate, thank you because it drives me more then ever! So thank you, to my fans, Steve Cruz, Mr.Pam and all those who have helped behind the scenes. To my family and friends who even though we may not see eye to eye on my career choice still respect and believe in me because they see me smile. This is only the beginning and I’m so thankful for being allowed to be myself and get support and love back.

What’s next for you? There’s so much more I want to explore within the industry. I love the leather community, fetish and role play is something I’ve always wanted to explore. To be kinky and allowing myself to be vulnerable, to be respected and to take my sexual desires to the next level. I want to travel abroad and get a good taste of European men. 

Twitter: dmastersxxx

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