Stunning hunk likes to work hard and play even harder. It’s good that in his profession he can combine the best of both!
How and when did you decide to work in porn? 
I decided to officially begin porn at the end of August in 2018, so pretty recently. A few months before that I saw that Billy Santoro was coming to the gay bar in Minneapolis, MN where I live, so when he was in town we made an OnlyFans video together, but my name wasn’t attached to the video.  I was still unsure if I wanted to join the porn industry, but after that, I met with ChiChi LaRue and decided to officially begin filming. Billy and ChiChi have both been so supportive and great resources to help launch my career.
What does a regular day in the life of Colby Tucker look like?
Well, lately it’s been pretty busy with all the traveling! Each month I’ve been traveling about 2 weeks of the month, if not more at times. Staying in hotels a lot has been tough to get in a good routine, but I’m learning it’s definitely doable.
I usually get a good breakfast in and then check social media, respond to emails, meal prep if possible and make my “To-Do” list – I’m a nerd I know, haha. Even if I’m traveling, I try to gym 5-6 times a week. When I’m home I usually play basketball over lunch time and then lift weights after dinner time. Along with porn I have a career I worked years for in college and I also distribute a fruits and veggies product. I’m also currently working on a personal training license.
ChiChi LaRue and I both live in Minneapolis and also spend a lot of time together, I really love the friendship we’ve developed outside of the porn industry.
What has been your favourite scene so far and why?
I’ve had such good experiences so far this is such a tough question. I could narrow it down to a few scenes. The NoirMale scene with Rocco Steele and Jacen Zhue is up there. Raging Stallion scene with Riley Mitchel, Naked Sword with Steven Lee, BUT my favorite is an IconMale scene with Adam Ramzi, I hope he sees this. I may have left that scene having our future kids names picked out haha just kidding, kinda!
Youre also in some very hot scenes on Noir male. A lot of guys seem to think that filming interracial porn is a big deal? Would you agree?
Absolutely!!! I think it’s great to keep things moving in the direction they should have from day one. Race shouldn’t matter; the sexy guys I’ve worked with at NoirMale are some of my great friends and awesome guys.
What do you like in a guy?
Ummm… well … haha… many things. Starts with good chemistry and good energy. I usually tend to go for guys with a nice smile that draws me in, some sexy scruff on the face, or even a bulge I can’t help but keep looking at. Sometimes those bulges are telling me to go say hello, haha.
I like a guy that has a good head on his shoulders and has good intentions with his actions in life. A guy with a good heart that isn’t afraid to show it. And I have to admit, I am a sucker for a bad boy image at times, it’s got me in trouble in the past, but hot trouble of course). An overall humble guy with a sexy bad side at times is what I like.
What’s coming next for you?
Well, I’m currently working on launching my JustFor.Fans page and learning how to navigate that. I’m terrible with technology but I’m destined to get that down. I’m not an exclusive with any company, so I hope to continue getting scenes with all of them. I’m working on a big move as well. I think venturing to the West Coast is a good decision for my career and for overall well-being. I need a break from these cold winters.
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