At Boner, we are quite partial to a ginger guy… just check out the current edition of Boner World, The Ginger Issue! Our first #mancrushmonday is one of the hottest redheads we’ve come across. Meet Mancunian (that means from Manchester, babes) Luke. He tells us about sex outdoors, knowing a ton of songs and offers some very positive advice for living your best life.

Danny Polaris: It’s great to meet you Luke. We’ve been a fan of yours for quite some time… OK, here goes. What was your dream career when you were a kid?

Luke Smethurst: I always wanted to be a brand of some description, for as long as i can remember i’ve wanted to be a singer or actor or model. I’ve forever believed a quote I read when younger, that “every pavement is a runway, so give it your best.”

DP: Where do you come from and where do you live? How do the two places compare in terms of gay-friendly spaces?

LS: I’m from the UK, grew up in Manchester and recently moved back to Leeds from London. All three of these places I feel are very queer or gay-friendly places, London especially, and strangely it being the biggest city, was the one I felt safest in.

DP: When did you start getting into photography and how far have you come since you started?

LS: I have forever been into photography, but things really developed in school. My final piece in art was based around supermodels and how the industry promotes “thin is in” and the negative impact that has on the mental state of youth of today.

In the last few years though I seem to have become the model rather than photographer which is fine with me as long as each shoot has a different concept and isn’t just me with my clothes off. As fun as that is, it gets very mundane to me.

DP: What’s been your favourite shoot so far?

LS: Its either been one i did with @JamieLukeScoular in Elephant and Castle in London, or a random one I had in Berlin with @monochrome_passion

DP: What’s your dream photography project? In front of, or behind the camera?

LS: This answer works for both in front and behind. I’d love to photograph for a big fashion campaign and equally I’d love to model for a big fashion campaign. I’m not sure yet which one would be more of a reality though.

DP: When did you first start to be attracted to guys?

LS: I think my first kiss was with a boy all the way back when I was like five! But I guess I became aware of it more so when I was around 12 or 13.

DP: Who’s your biggest mancrush?

LS: A mix between Tom Selleck, Elvis Presley, Marlon Brando & Austin Wolf.

DP: What was your most adventurous sexual experience?

LS: Hmm over a table outside an apartment in Gran Canaria when around 4 maids came around the corner and was caught pinned 8”deep.

DP: What did the maids do?

LS: They yelled at us to stop and then some other phrases in Spanish. They was probably horrified as it was in a family resort, oops!

DP: Do you get too little sex, too much or about enough?

LS: I fluctuate constantly. I’d say about enough. I do love sex and think its important, but endlessly shagging for numbers bores the shit out of me. I think it’s trashy, but if you do that, good on you. I guess I’ve had my share.

DP: What are your two top tips for looking and feeling good?

LS: A good haircut always makes you feel great and boosts confidence, and just tell yourself ‘you’re the shit’ constantly, it doesn’t matter if no one agrees but if you think and believe it, who gives a fuck.

DP: That’s a great positive mental attitude! What are your tips for staying in this frame of mind?

LS: Love yourself, treat yourself, eat good and having a good family/friend/personal balance is key.

DP: What do you think is the biggest issue facing gay men today?

LS: It’s a cliché but probably gay men themselves, and it’s rooted from a lot of men not accepting or being able to be comfortable with their sexuality for a lot of their life. There is an inside hate either for being gay or towards gays that they struggle with.

DP: What’s your biggest passion?

LS: Music is my biggest passion, I don’t play but I can sing my faves being Motown or a good Diana Ross, Dolly Parton or Patsy Cline song.

My internal catalogue of song lyrics is really impressive! I can listen to a song only 1 or 2 times and will remember the lyrics forever. I have over 1000 songs in my iTunes library and that’s perhaps a quarter of the songs I know. It’s a useless skill until I go to karaoke!

DP: What’s your biggest weakness?

LS: Probably my loyalty and that i wear my heart on my sleeve always comes back to sting me.

DP: What advice would you have given yourself 10 years ago?

LS: Love yourself more and you don’t need a man to accept yourself.

DP: What are your plans for 2019?

LS: This year i really want to push myself into more shoots and pick up my photography of others again, the opportunity is out there you just have to go get it or someone else will.


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