The hottest new sound comes from porn’s hunkiest couple Jessy and Ricky Ares. Their new single just hit the download stores and is as catchy as fuck music. Latin disco allure has now got a new name: “Tu amor es mi religion“ …

Jessy, your new song “Tu amor es mi religion“ comes out on iTunes, Amazon on the 20th. Is the new hot Latin sound inspired by anyone special?

Oh yes, definately. The inspiration was strong and undescribable love! Music is a powerful tool and should always come from meaningful inspiration and be positivley inspiring to the people that hear it. Especially in a world like today where ego, politics and religion is causing so much negativity. As some may allready know, I am no longer performing alone. Three years ago I have met the love and inspiration of my life Ricky Ares. Our attraction to each other was of undescribable source but also love has many difficulties along the way to stay together and grow together according to differences of life circumstances and personal mind sets, just like the background we come from. Finding love is a gift, that means nothing without your positive will to maintain and grow. 

Todays world and its people have many problems in uniting and loving because of their egos. Ego is a minus; Love is a Plus. And your mind is the source of unimaginable spirit that is free to make the decision to add and grow or subtract and loose. If a couple like us can make it work, and even countries such as Cuba and the USA, the world can too. Our song “Tu amor is mi religion” is also a wake up call to the world out there to believe in love and the unimaginable. It exists even without religion.

Jessy Ares
Jessy Ares

Before you have experimented with Jazz and have had many live gigs. Are you ever gonna stop wanting to be on the stage?

As a matter of fact, I took a break for about two years. I wanted to quit everything regarding sexual work and being on stage as I just wanted to be with my partner. My partner also started doing a normal job and I became a tattoo artist. Unfortunately making the money we did with sexual work and performing makes you adjust to a certain life-style, plus we have family to take care of as well. So we had to get back into what we were doing to finance everything again. We are a monogamous couple – however, we had to open up for work. After all, it´s only a job. So from now on we are performing together as much as we can.

After having travelled the world, even when you were young, you have now settled down in Bavaria. What makes rural Germany so Jessy-worthy?

Two years ago, I had moved from Bavaria to Berlin, where I had met my fiance´. Berlin is the best city for being solo, parties and going out. But once you have a partner and everyone in the scene knows you, you start staying away from parties. As a pornstar and singer, people think you are the same in private life as what you reflect professionally. We just wanted to be in a place that is a bit more conservative. Here we can go out with friends, and no trouble, no big gay scene. Plus I just missed the mountains, the landscape. You´re close to Austria, Italy who a different scenic and more classic architecture. I’m simply a child of the south. I had fun in Berlin, but after being in Berlin for two years I got very very homesick to more southern grounds. 

Ricky Ares

We heard you’re already in talks about an album. Any plans to go on tour yet?

As for the moment we are touring through clubs, performing our new song.  A major-tour we will plan on, when we have time to focus on recording the album. For bookings you can contact us on twitter @AresJessy or simply write an email to

“Tu amor es mi religion“ is a great club tune. Have you had any DJs to remix it yet?

So far we have had our Studio DJ´s play with it a little and a clubmix will be on the single release. 

When you go into the studio, how do prepare and what is a typical Jessy recording session like? 

As I mentioned before. Music is a powerful tool of communication and should always be used in a positive way making the people think. I usually sit there, think of experience or what´s going on in the world, think of a main topic with my partner then call my producers and tell them about the idea. We discuss how the direction of sound should be like. They produce a beat and give it to us and we then write the lyrics. We practice everything at home to safe time in the studio.  Once everything is prepared we go to record, do the main song and at-lips and the producer then finishes the song and mixes everything together. Then they send us a first draft…..we decide what we like and don´t like,….they prepare the final draft…we listen to it….and then it gets mastered. 

What other music acts inspire you?

As for me- the one and only – Madonna. I know it is very gay-clishee´ but I like her as she uses music to be political and makes people think in the right directions. Ricky, of course is influenced by Latin Music a lot.

Interview: Torsten Schwick

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