You may have seen angel-faced Kim Anker playing one of his sets at the odd venue. Maybe even at Dencker & Schneider gallery in Schöneberg, where he looks after the artwork on display. On February 8th his new track “Mision” comes out. We caught up with him ….

How did you become a DJ? More a coincidence. I was a bartender at a gay place in Copenhagen and the DJ got sick, so I filled in. It wasn’t something I sought out, but it happened. I play the piano and trumpet since I was a child and studied music at university. Now I DJ. I love it and I am seeking to get more gigs. 

Where do you get your inspiration from when you compose? It’s mostly from the music I listen to, which is electronic in many different ways. Since moving to Berlin three years ago, I started getting more into house and techno, which has also influenced my own writing. Before my sound was a more nordic, more melancholic. It’s becoming more and more Berlin now.

This month you release a new song Mision. Are you on a mission? I’m bringing together my classical background – I’m also a piano teacher – with my electronic music. Also I’m connecting with my nordic roots and the sound that is defined by them, with my Berlin experience. It’s not really dance music but of course you can dance to it. The idea is to make more club music so I can incorporate the songs better into my sets too. 

When you compose what makes you tick? I look for the right feeling and then follow it. Sounds create emotions, as I said before, it was lot of melancholia but it’s changing now.

Instead of pushing forward, you just take your time and let the emotion come.

When you talk about melancholia, it doesn’t sound like a bad thing. No, but that’s a very nordic thing. Everywhere else in the world people associate negative feelings with it. Of course it’s a not a happy feeling but it’s also not a bad feeling. It’s just a state of being where you’re more thoughtful. Instead of pushing forward, you just take your time and let the emotion come. I also like it because I’m not the most outgoing person and actually I prefer to speak through my art.

Do you find it easier to interact on social media then? The way communication changes between humans is amazing … It’s not easier for me. I’m a very private person. I have an Instagram for instance, for the music, but I find it hard to use. 

Do you think communication is improving though? Yes and no. At the same time as I think social media and the internet are good, I’m also worried about what it does to us. Especially the younger generation, as they spend less time together and developing the skills to be together. So I wonder what it does to that aspect of humanity. It also changes how we respond to emotions. You may be able to insert an emoji but you can never communicate as fully as you do when talking in person. I think about 80 percent of our conversations are made of body language. This is a problem.

And a reason to listen to more emotional music, from the north maybe … Sure! The new track “Mision“ is not melancholic, by the way. It’s more happy and progressive.

Was denkst du darüber?