Juniper is the botanical that gives gin its very distinctive taste. This new restauraunt and bar in Schöneberg by the same name serves up their 3 enticingly named Juniper gins. Each is custom crafted in small batches by a certified gin master and with its own subtle but unique hints of flavor.

The friendly mixologists of Juniper Bar will create a special cocktail for you that will put a smile on your face with the first sip – using one of their exclusive Fire Island, Irish Witch or Brighton Dry gins of the house as the key ingredient.

After that don’t forget to order up a tasty snack or elegant supper from their gourmet kitchen featuring a selection of dishes flavored with juniper berries and sometimes even a shot of gin too!

Enjoy a romantic dinner date or night out with friends and experience this treasure for yourself.

Juniper Kitchen and Bar @ Axel Hotel

Lietzenburger Strasse 13 | 10789 Berlin

information and reservations: 030 21002893

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