Silent ❄ Night,
Hole y knights,
All this cum, ☔
Oh ! they’re high!
Pound your virgin,
in 🏩 brothels with guys
Hungry chicks, here on 📱 grindr, are wild.
Sleep in heavenly piss
Sleep in heavenly piss 🌊

This is Kinkmas Time! 🎉
I got to say Ii kind of hate Christmas,
for me it’s always so much drama : « how to get away with (xmas) dinner » ☠
Mum drinks for all the other days of the year, 🍸🍸🍸🍸
My boyfriend 👄 cruising my uncle,
Your cousin asking if there’s fish 🐟 on the menu, when you know this smell 🍤 come
from your soiled sweatpants …

Thats why I imagined Kinkmas:
Big balls on the trees, 🍡
CockCandle lights at the windows,
Latex socks are waiting for Santa 1 Claus presents, up on the fireplace (not to close to
the fire)
Perfect time to offer 🎁 Kinky gifts to all your lovers! Here my selection for this 2016
Kinkmas, made with perversion only for you guys:

Tools :
Daddy 👔 has been good to you this year! He deserves the best!
We all know that daddy likes useful gifts! Something he can use day and night!
This is where Tom of Finland 4 is the best :
With this amazing « masc4masc » hammer 🔨 , daddy can really built and fix the house in
the daytime and take it like a man 6 when the night falls!

Decoration :
Yes, art is a gift, and yes art can make you horny !
Sneakers👟 , Spits, and Sweat and Sperm, regardless of your fantasies 🦄
Just check my dear KinkyNeedles Instragram and Esty to buy awesome homemade, porn
but 🕶 classy, art pieces!

criscoCooking :
Your 😸 little brother loves to cook and he is really open to new adventure?
Like daddy, he likes multifunction gifts?
Crisco is always a nice way to say „i deeply love you ». ;💟
🆕 : Crisco coconut oil! Tropical 🌴 flavor for all your meals!

Beauty :
Of course, I’m also thinking of the ones who are running out of money 💸 !
Kinkmas is a perfect time to share and to be creative. ⚗
So why don’t you make a homemade gift? Like a fresh semen facial cream! 💧💧💧
Just follow the semen facial tutorial by Tracy Kiss 😘 and create your own one!
Easy and nice, it’s a perfect present for your 👺 boss : remind him how low ↘ your salary
is, but how rich your heart is.

So this month, bitches, 🎊 let’s celebrate and share love and kinkiness 🐷 !
„I just want you for my hole⭕ ,
More than you could ever hold
Make my cum wish true: all I want for Kinkmas is youuuuuuuuu“ (Videos, 💌 pictures, 🐽
underwears and 🌵 toys, send me all) kinky@bonermagazine.com

Me, Myself and I, and the Boner magazine team, wish you all a Merry Pervy Kinky Nasty
Christmas ! 🎄

Be Kinky, Get a Boner
Kinky Banana 🍌

Kinky Banana Autor
Kinky Banana // Boner Magazine Autor
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