It may feel pretty far from the weekend, you may still be feeling the effects of the last one, and you’ve probably got a fair chunk of work ahead before you can get some down time again. But fear not! The mid-week blues will soon be blown away when you’ve had your eyes feast on these tasty fellas.


Almost definitely the sexiest hairdresser on the planet, we’d queue for hours for a trim with this guy. I’d even grow my hair longer so I could stay in his chair for a few more minutes, but now I’m getting carried away. Back to Kiefer Cooke…

His Instagram began to grow after he started posting sexier pictures, mostly as something to get through the boredom of the long Swedish winters. Despite his Norse-Godlike looks, he’s actually a very friendly, down-to-earth kinda guy.

He’s playing the Instagram game well, and we love it. So be inspired as well as turned on. Maybe post some pics of your own butt and see what happens?


Barry is a Chinese Canadian, born and raised in Toronto. He invites us all to come along on his gorgeous adventures (via his pictures). Although we’d rather actually be there in person with this cutie, his Instagram is a really fab and vivid experience that’ll take you around the whole world.

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I find staying fit and sticking to some sort of workout routine really hard when we are traveling. To make things worse, I love trying all the local foods and they are, generally, not the most healthy items (deliciousness though!). That said, Teraj and I try our best to at least stay fit by walking everywhere while exploring the city (even if it’s to another restaurant for more pasta lol). If the hotel doesn’t have a nice gym, we try to do our ab work out each morning before we head out. We use the app “6 pack” and just follow their routine for like 8-10 mins. We did this for our recent trip to Rome and I think I actually lost weight! #latergram #rome #italy #travelfitness #travelfit #travelgoals #outtraveler

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Oh, and he’s got plenty of thirst content with hot pictures of the guys he meets on the way. He lives in New York City, so there are lots of great shots there too.

Barry, we envy you, but we think you’re a major cutie so carry on the good work.


But there’s more! Check out Gizeppe, a delicious Italian rugby player living in the UK. He’s a big underwear fan, as you’ll see from his many photo of undies and jocks in a variety of different colours.

There’s something very likeable and moreish about this chap. The more you scroll the more you’re going to want some!

If you’d like to be featured as one of our #instaboner guys, use the hashtag… We’ll be looking out for you! 😉

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