We met Oliraptor in London years ago, but came across his super-sexy Instagram only recently…

My, my, we’ve been missing out! With shots of some of the hottest boys in London, in a wide range of leafy outdoor locations, you might be surprised to find out that most of Oli’s photos are taken in the parks and green spaces of Europe’s biggest city.

We spoke to him about making art in the great outdoors.


Danny Polaris: Oli, we love your photos! Tell us about how your project started…

Oliraptor: My work has evolved over the last couple of years, it’s started when I would photograph models for drawing reference in Art school (MICA) and I just kept taking pictures so it turned into a way of documenting people, a way to connect. Sometimes even on a personal level.


DP: You seem to find a lot of green places to photograph hot naked boys around London. What’s the secret of finding a good location to strip off?

Oli: Explore! I have a couple of spots that I check out often, I do keep them to myself but I’m happy to give tips! Slide into my DMs… They tend to be close to cruising areas, however sometimes you find a fence with an opening or a spot where you can get naked in a creek. I love the outdoors, if you don’t mind a couple of spiderwebs you’ll find those naked-friendly spots.

DP: Have you ever been ‘caught in the act’ outdoors?

Oli: Well yeah, in cruising areas, it has happened! Sometimes they ended up joining in. However I’ve definitely given an eyeful to a dog walker here and there. Normally the reactions are fine. However I do respect people’s space and wouldn’t throw hard ons and fucking in anyone’s face on purpose. The worst was when a guy who was obviously cruising, yelled at us “you fucking faggots get out of here, I’ll break that camera…etc, etc.” He was the most emotionally violent I’ve seen someone while on a shoot.

DP: Does the British weather limit the amount of outdoor work you can do?

Oli: Ha… Yes. This is a very British question by the way! I’ve probably done photos in most types of weather, I’d say people are less willing in the UK to get nude in colder weather compared to other places I’ve shot with the same temperatures.

I understand why; ball shrinkage isn’t fun. I would be in front of the camera more often, but I like seeing what I photograph.

DP: We’ve seen some racist abuse from Grindr on your Instagram. What the fuck is that about?

Oli: Yeah, I wish I’d screenshot more of the conversations I’ve had. I deal with abuse more often than I’d like. There is a lot of toxic behavior out there and I do my best to use my voice as a minority to call it out. Life’s too short not to like someone, we are all human it would be nice if more people picked up on that. Less “us and them” bullshit.

DP: You also photograph guys in their bedrooms… what does a guy’s bedroom say about his personality?


Oli: That’s tricky…. I’d say there are always little things that you see that ‘fit a person,’ but I find in London people are always moving and it’s super-hard to make it a home or your own space. I’ve seen a lot of bedrooms, sex swings, stuffed toys, full bookshelves and plants. I respect a good plant! Pitcher plants are my favourite.

DP: What’s the best butt you’ve photographed this year?

Oli: Best butt? Default would be my boyfriend Marcello’s of course! We do see a lot of sweet butts however, I’m excited to photograph more!

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