[:de]As guys from all over descend on Berlin again for this hallowed weekend, eager to adorn themselves in a vast array of fetish attire and haunt the many caverns of debauchery in our city, lets take a moment and reflect on how this all came to be. What is the connection between Easter and a major sex and fetish weekend in Berlin?

Well for starters, the German government is so kind as to recognize both christian holy days of Friday and Monday as federal holidays or bank holidays as they say in the UK, giving us the only regular 4 day weekend of the year. Most every business is closed for 3 of the 4 days – but it is Berlin, so you can always get a beer and have a party no matter when. I guess that is one of the things that makes our city so popular with the tourists.

Way back in time, long before the authors of the all the religious books we are so familiar with were even born, there was the goddess Ishtar. She was the goddess of love, war, fertility, and sexuality. Ishtar which sounds very conspicuously similar to Easter, was worshiped in the kingdom of Assyria from 3500 BC to about 500 AD, an area that now in our times is referred to as northern Iraq, north Syria and southern Turkey.

According to mythologists, Ishtar was a fickle goddess and treated her passing lovers cruelly with many ending up in leather harnesses later to be caned or whipped. Hmmm – that sounds like a scene from one of the many of the fetish events you can enjoy here this weekend. Tradition, I am guessing.

Then there are the classic decorations that are on display everywhere for Easter holiday, the easter bunny and the ever present adorned eggs. Again, both are symbols of fertility disguised as play things to amuse the children – the children in all of us. The egg itself is blatantly a fertility symbol so I trust that part needs no explanation. Then we come to the bunny – Pope Francis, himself recently told catholics they have a moral responsibility to limit the number of their children and need not reproduce “like rabbits.” You will see those cute little furry creatures are everywhere this weekend, is this what he means?  Again, tradition.

And in closing, as art editor for Boner Magazine and to make your Easter weekend just a bit more complete, I recommend a visit to the Pergamon Museum on the island in the middle of Berlin to see the actual Gate of Ishtar which has been carefully transported from the ancient city of Babylon to be presented in full glory to all who wish to partake in its ancient splendor. Doesn’t it seems rather ironic that it ended up here in Berlin?

Who knows what mystical powers you might gain with passing thru this historic gate named for the sex and fertility goddess Ishtar ? It might possibly help to bring your Easter weekend in Berlin to a full and unforgettable holiday climax. After all, holidays are all about the traditions, so have a great Easter weekend in Berlin!


Rectangular, baked clay relief panel; modelled in relief on the front depicting a nude female figure with tapering feathered wings and talons, standing with her legs together; shown full frontal, wearing a headdress consisting of four pairs of horns topped by a disc; wearing an elaborate necklace and bracelets on each wrist; holding her hands to the level of her shoulders with a rod and ring in each; figure supported by a pair of addorsed lions above a scale-pattern representing mountains or hilly ground, and flanked by a pair of standing owls. Known as the “Burney Relief” or the “Queen of the Night”.


“Gate of Ishtar”, Pergamon Museum, Berlin

“Queen of the Night”, British Museum, London 


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