The MOREPIXX? International Gay Fetish Photo Competition is this weekend at DARKLANDS as a part of Belguim Leather Pride. The name of this competition comes from the well known question everyone has been asked on gay hookup sites – Got any more pics to share?

The 6 judges for this year’s competition include distinguished icons from the worldwide fetish community as well as past winners. First and foremost, they are honoured to have Durk Dehner, partner of Tom and currently the President of the Tom of Finland Foundation on this panel.
Next up is Taco D. Smit, who has photographed most of the Mister Leather’s from different countries in Europe and was a jury member for Mister Leather Belgium 2016 and Mister Leather Italy 2017 and chairman of jury and president of MOREPIXX?. Others include Ralph Bruneau, who is winner of International Mister Leather in 2017. Matt Spike who is an accomplished fetish photographer and has worked with Recon, is an amateur porn actor, and the first prize winner of 2018 with his photo of the lady in the metro. Also, first runner up Ryan Coit and second runner up Max Samauth both from the 2018 competition.

After being on display at Darklands in Antwerp, the exhibition will travel to Chicago in May, Amsterdam Gay Pride, and Folsom Berlin in September 2019

Photograph by: Ryan Coit – MOREPIXX? 2018 Runner Up

We have some insights from 2018’s First Runner Up, Ryan Coit and his fetish photography work:

Hello Ryan, how did you get involved in Fetish photography ?
My fetish photography has grown along side my own personal fetish exploration. If I am curious about something I find a way to explore it though my art work.

Do you have a personal favourite fetish niche and do you prefer shooting this or is a wider range of subjects more your thing?
Over the last several years I have found a passion for photographing puppies. I find a lot of joy in photographing them in a solo portrait. Showcasing the simplicity and beauty of the individual.

I hear that you are working at a new fetish bar in Minneapolis… is this a good situation for you to connect with new models?
Yes, working closing with people in the LGBTQ+ community gives me the opportunity to meet a lot of people.
Most if the models I work with are friends in my own kink / leather community. I love having the opportunity to use my photos as a way to help people show off their kinks in a beautiful way.

Are you a boundary pusher or more a play by the rules kind of person?
When it comes to my photography I tend to push the boundaries for sure. I have had several exhibits here in Minneapolis that have made people uncomfortable. But I strongly believe that these moments create conversations. Important conversations that help people understand each other better.

What is the funniest or the most unexpected situation that has happened to you in this photo guy realm?
There was a day I was shooting several models in the nude. I forgot to close the blinds on the windows. It didn’t take long for the manager from he restaurant across the street to give me a call.


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