April in Berlin is known as a big party week and specifically within the gay fetish world. Sex tourists and Berliners alike put on their best of gear to celebrate the coming of spring with all the guys in their own individual way, outfitting themselves in their sexiest ‘uniforms’ to head out to a feast of men only fetish events. All larger venues and the local gay bars put together a full calendar of every imaginable kind of niche party you can think of – and then some more. The artist ULF is no stranger to this scene and through his art he gives us his fantastic version of what might be going on behind these closed doors.

Most of us have seen some kind of fetish art that it painted or printed but ULF makes his sexy man creatures exclusively with the help of technology and the digital world. Who would ever have thought computer science could be so hot ?

Because he lives far from Berlin in rural West Virginia with his partner, it‘s an even stranger fitting that this month’s artist goes by the name Ulf. He tells me that it‘s a nickname he got as a small child from his German grandmother while she watching him play roughly with his brother and cousins. She said that he reminded her of a wolf circling its prey, looking for their moments of weakness before making his attack.  „Mein kleiner Ulf“, she‘d call him and the name stuck.

ULF got interested in art as a little boy through his love of comic books, mostly X-men. This led him to later acquiring a commercial arts degree in college. As a young man, he almost exclusively did traditional landscapes in oils but always experimenting with fantasy artwork much in the styles of those artists he admired most – like Frank Frazetta and Boris Vallejo. Other visual references come from growing up in a US-Military family.

He uses a variety of modeling and painting programs on his computer to create these incredibly horny fantasy images. Using one software for creating the basic human figure he then sets up the digital sketch. Another program is for sculpting and reshaping his models into super-sexed guys that bulge with muscles and enormous cocks to create the mood going for the scene.

ULF told me this works just like painting. Digital brushes work in 3D so he paints and sculpts the same way one would do with clay.

The models are then posed, lit, textured and props are added.  After the time-consuming process of rendering is done, it is time for the final step. Working with the same artistic tools used in traditional art he digitally hand paints onto the image until he gets what he wants – all cocked and dripping with their male excitement.

Lastly he explains that he‘s rarely sought payment for any of the erotic artwork he created since he does them to satisfy his own fantasies or for good friends. And to torment his boi JD.

I hope that these creations by ULF will inspire you to fulfill some of your Easter week fantasies here in Berlin…or at least to get your party started!

Black Boot for Boner Magazine

Artist’s information: ulfart.blogspot.de

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