Meet hot sneaker and sportswear hunk GYMSEXBOY from Wrocław, Poland. His hobbies are the gym, travelling, motorcycling, photography and pervy, sweaty sex.

What is your main fetish? It’s quite difficult for me to assess that and give you a clear answer. The world is full of kinky stuff and awesome fetishes. Life it too short to focus on just on one of them! If you had asked me this question five years ago I would’ve replied without a doubt: sneakers and socks, sportswear and all stuff related with sport. Now, thanks to my curiosity and maturity, a lot has changed. I am really into rubber and leather gear too! The most stunning combination for me is rubber suit, motocross protectors and boots!

How do you express your fetish? It is relatively easy to express sneakers fetish. You can do this daily, everywhere. Well looking sport shoes, white socks and trackies are sufficient to inform the community that you are into it! If you really feel this fetish then you never use yours socks only once! I am sure you know what I mean! Expressing rubber fetish is a bit more difficult but not impossible – the only limit is your imagination. You can wear some rubber clothes as an underwear for example, or you can put your rubber suit under your motorbike gear – that is extremely hot!

At what age did you discover this feeling?I became aware about my sexuality and sneakers fetish when I was about 15 years old. Then I realised that the view of hairy legs or another men’s bulge in tight shorts as well as smell of the sweaty guy at the gym makes my dick really hard! Then I started to imagine myself on my knees in front of such a dom guy. With his socks on my face. With my tongue on his shoes. 

What happened then? How did your fetish journey continue? The beginnings were difficult because it was not really clear for me what “fetish” really means. I had to build connections with other guys who were into sportswear and the internet helped me a lot then! Photos gave me an inspiration and I started to develop my own style. The locker room at the gym always inspired me! There I had an easy access to worn and smelly socks, sweaty T-shirts and obviously warm sneakers. These actions were exceedingly exciting! I knew the owner is taking a shower close to me, just behind the door! Combination of certain fear and excitement was amazing! Even now it makes me horny and I have slutty thoughts in my head!

Where could our readers meet you? What are favorite fetish events? Why? I really love events which take place in Berlin! The most amazing for me is Folsom. There you can see incredible mix of all fetishes! It is an fantastic occasion to meet guys all over the world. People there are open-minded. Guys without embarrassment are expressing themselves. That’s a pleasure to see how they enjoy each other. I also like the sneakers party and rubber party in lab.oratory. You can gently drink a beer there and meet some appealing guys as well as have rough fuck with freaky kinksters! Often you can meet me in my favorite pub Prinzknecht. Cheers buddies!

And what is your absolute fantasy fetish fuck? As I mentioned on the beginning I like many fetishes. That’s why I had an opportunity to meet a lot of crazy kinksters in my life. When I create in my mind a scenario of good fetish action then I can do a lot to reach it! For example I had adventures with soccer players in locker room after the game where I could enjoy the smell of long soccer socks. I had met hot cyclists in lycra gear outdoor. I have found real policeman and we had fun in a police car while he was on duty. Credibility totally turns me on! All your fantasies can become real, just be patient! Furthermore I have an approach like “everything is a dildo if you are brave enough” – I mean baseball bat, chain, police nightstick, industrial hook, traffic cone – that’s fucking hot! Tip for you: be indomitable! 


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