Now role-play is one thing. But when an orchestra of fetish dudes with dog masks plays a full-blown squeaky toy concerto right before your very eyes it really is something that will challenge your sense of being sensible. Let’s take a look at probably the most entertaining kink there is and engage with the delightful Pup Kriszly, the first ever Mr. Puppy Europe.

(German version below)

Kriszly, are you currently owned or are you a free puppy?

WOOF! *Sits up proudly and wags his tail* Since April this year I’ve been collared and owned by the wonderful Sir Max Samauth, the current MIR. It was actually during BLF Easter that we really connected and both decided that we wanted to be together as handler and puppy! I can read his mind and he reads mine, which makes the bond between the two of us even stronger.

Picture by Underground

How did you get into puppy play and why is it so exciting for you?

I discovered pup play when my boyfriend at the time was giving a bondage workshop for some friends. Before his friends came, he told me that two of them were “Human Puppies”. I never heard of that before, but I was slightly interested. A moment later, the friends arrived at the house, and walked in. I saw that two of them were wearing collars. Not a leather BDSM collar, but a real dog collar. They sat down in the living room, and after I got them all something to drink, we started to chat. I soon figured out that as well as their names given at birth, they also had “puppy names”. One of the pups was named pup Rex, and the other pup sitting next to him was called pup Milo. Milo was showing Rex a leather hood he bought. It was a brown-black leather hood, in the shape of a dogs head. After talking about it, Milo put the hood on, and it was the most interesting and adorable thing I’ve ever seen!

After that meeting, everything went incredibly fast. I spend hours searching the internet about puppy play. Rex and Milo took me to a meeting for fetish lovers in Amersfoort called the Power Party where I first saw them play as puppies. I immediately fell in love with it. Before I even knew, I was crawling on all fours and tried out some awkward barks. I played with a squeaky toy and romped and cuddled with the other pups. Shortly after that, I bought my first piece of puppy gear, my precious black and red leather hood!

A really important part of puppy play for me is being able to let go off reality. To be carefree, if only for a moment. Especially when you have other pups or a handler to play with! Not like many other dom/sub games, pup play is really rewarding in a positive way. The attention, the cuddles, the loyalty that you have towards your handler and pack members. When I see my handler pulling out a toy, I get totally excited, and immediately want to play with him!

Have you ever had weird experiences during a session?

At the start of my kinky journey, I always thought that I was more of a submissive person. So when one of the pups I played with at the time asked if I wanted to take the role of the handler, I just wasn’t sure what to do. I knew what the role of a handler was and what the pup expected from me, I just never tried it myself before. But I decided to give it a try. Best decision ever!

If anyone asked me now, I would definitely identify as a switch, and I really enjoy it. Being a pup for a while made me realize what pups need from a handler. Of course, every pup has his own character and things they do and don’t (just as important!) like. So be sure to talk with each other before you start a play scene.

Do you feel the gay (fetish) scene is open about this fetish?

Yes and no. First of all, it depends where you are located and what kind of environment you are in. Some of the leather bars don’t appreciate it if a bunch of pups show up, bounce around, bark and play with our beloved squeeky toys. On the other hand pups – and pup gear – come in all different shapes and sizes. Some of them wear leather, some wear rubber. Others would rather be almost naked. And that is fine. All pups should be able to have their own fetishes, way of play and character. Some pups are really active, and like to run after balls thrown by their handler, play with a pull-rope and wrestle with other pups. Others like to just sit around their handler, cuddle with other pups and be carefree for a while. Pup play gave me a lot of self esteem, more then I’ve ever had. And I notice that this goes for other pups too. Because in pup play, it doesn’t matter if you’re skinny or chubby, it doesn’t matter how old you are, what the colour of your skin is, or what gender you are. Being able to play with each other, rolling on the floor together and share a squeeky toy is the best feeling in the world!

Picture by Bruce Hardin (3)

Tell a bit about the Mr. Puppy Europe contest, and what your duties are as Mr. Puppy Europe 

Oh yes of course! There were many things to do for pups (and handlers) during the contest. One of them was a Puppy Obstacle Course. In which we had to slide between cones, jump through a hoop, make love to a fire hydrant and crawl through a small hole – on all fours of course! The Obstacle Course wasn’t about time, but about entertainment, grace and having lots of fun! Just thinking about it makes me wag my tail! A few other activities were getting groomed in the Poodle Salon, getting your fur trimmed, getting a medical exam by the puppy vet and play with other pups in the moshpit. Sunday afternoon, there was a puppy brunch as well. Where pups could get their bowl filled with porridge, made by the Camp K9 pups. It was delicious!

A few activities were for contestants only, and we got points for doing them. They included fetish twister  – like normal twister but with lube poured all over us!  Then an interview with the judges, where we had to tell them why we wanted to become Mister Puppy Europe and what we were planning to do for the community. Another activity we had to do was a freestyle act. In which you could do anything that shows your interest in puppy play, and what you enjoy when doing it. After that, we had a Howl Along. For this part of the competition you had to bring a karaoke version of a song you like. And howl along the lyrics as a puppy would. Arooooo! I chose the song “You’re my best friend” from the band Queen. Since a pup is man’s best friend! What I see as my duty as Mr. Puppy Europe is educating anyone who wants to know about puppy play, and helping those who are curious about it, but don’t know how to get started. I show up at (kinky) events, talk to pups, handlers and even non-kinky people about puppy play. I enjoy spreading the joy and playfulness, and seeing people smile when looking at pups playing! At this moment, I am organizing my very first puppy party in collaboration with BLF Berlin and In Dog we Trust. The party will take place during Folsom, Friday 11 September from 15 h until 19:30 in the Scheune Bar, Berlin. There will be lots of room to romp, play and relax with a nice cold drink. A photographer will be taking pictures and we will do a group photo with all the attending pups outside! Thanks to John O’Brien, Geared Ireland is sponsoring the party by donating foam rubber mats. So pups can play on a soft surface, without worrying about painful paws!

Picture by Bruce Hardin (6)

Have you got a rough number of how many puppys will be coming to Folsom Europe?

With the amazing annual Streetfair, the wagtasticly fun – and sleazy – parties, and the very first Puppies Launch Party coming up, I am expecting more pups than ever seen before! Since the puppy scene in Europe is growing so rapidly, I wont be surprised to see, meet and reunite with at LEAST 60 (new!) puppy friends! I am SO EXCITED for Folsom 2016! WOOF! WOOF! WOOF! *chases his tail around the room*

Images by Bruce Hardin | Interview: Torsten Schwick

Puppys Welcome Party @ Scheune
Mittwoch, 2. September | 17 Uhr

Puppys Launch Party @ Scheune
Freitag, 11. September | 15 Uhr

Motzstraße 25 | 10777 Berlin


Aus Liebe zu Feuerhydranten

Rollenspiel ist eine Sache. Aber ein Orchester bestehend aus  Fetischjungs mit Hundemasken, die, auf allen Vieren, ein Quietsch-Spielzeug-Konzert vortragen und dabei den Spaß ihres Lebens haben, lässt einen überdenken, was eigentlich verrückt ist. Dieser Fetisch dürfte die unterhaltsamste und auch verspielteste aller Rollenspielarten sein. Das findet auch der zauberhafte Pup (dt. Welpe) Kriszly, der erste Mr. Puppy Europe überhaupt.

Kriszly, hast du derzeit ein Herrchen oder bist du ein freier Pup? WOOF! *sitzt stolz aufrecht und wedelt mit dem Schwanz* Seit April gehöre ich dem wundervollen Sir Max Samauth , dem derzeitigen Mister International Rubber, und trage sein Halsband. Ich kann seine und er meine Gedanken lesen, was die Verbindung zwischen uns noch stärker macht.

Wie bist du zu Puppy / Dog Play gekommen und was bedeutet es für dich? Das war als mein damaliger Freund einen Bondage-Workshops veranstaltete. Er lud mich auch dazu ein und erzählte mir, dass zwei der Teilnehmer „Human Puppys“ sind. Davon hatte ich noch nie gehört und fand es bereits zu dem Zeitpunkt interessant.

Ich lerne die Puppys dann auch kennen und erfuhr, dass sie auch eigene Namen haben. Einer hieß Pup Rex und der andere Pup Milo. Sie trugen echte Hundehalsbänder und im Verlauf des Abends setzte Milo dann seine Hundemaske auf und es war das tollste, was ich je gesehen hatte.

Von da an entwickelte sich alles sehr schnell und ich wollte alles über Puppy Play erfahren. Das erste mal, dass ich mit einem Quetschspielzeug selbst gespielt habe, war in Amersfoort auf der Power Play-Fetischparty. Seither bin ich verliebt in dieses Rollenspiel und die Szene, die sich darum entwickelt. Es ist so schön, im Spiel die Realität hinter sich zu lassen. Die Loyalität im Pack, das Kuscheln mit deinem Handler und die ganze Aufmerksamkeit, die man als Puppy erfährt. Das alles ist total aufregend.

Findest du, dass die (Fetisch-) Szene offen genug für Puppy Play ist? Ja und nein. Es kommt immer darauf an, wo man gerade ist. Nicht jeder Club freut sich darüber, wenn eine Horde Puppys einfallen, laut bellen, sich auf dem Boden wälzen und mit ihren geliebten Spielzeugen quietschen. Auf der anderen Seite sieht man in den Shops immer mehr Puppy-Gear in allen möglichen Variationen. Manche bevorzugen Leder, andere Gummi und wieder Andere wollen am liebsten nackt bleiben. All das ist toll und jeder Pup sollte so spielen dürfen, wie er will.  Einige von uns sind sehr aktiv und jagen Bällen hinterher, spielen gerne mit Seilen oder balgen sich mit anderen Pups. Manchmal will man aber auch einfach nur bei seinem Herrchen sitzen und sich streicheln lassen. Pup Play gibt mir unglaublich viel Selbstvertrauen, mehr als ich jemals in meinem Leben hatte. Das beobachte ich auch bei vielen anderen Pups.

Wie hast du den Titel gewonnen und was sind nun deine Ziele als Mr Puppy Europe? Beim Mr. Puppy Europe Contest gab es viele Challenges für uns zu meistern. Wir mussten durch Reifen hüpfen, einen Hindernis-Parcours auf allen Vieren bewältigen, durch Löcher in der Wand kriechen oder Liebe mit einem Feuerhydranten machen. Es hat total viel Spaß gemacht und wenn ich daran zurück denke muss ich unweigerlich mit dem Schwanz wedeln. Auch das Rahmenprogramm war sehr unterhaltsam.

Es gab einen Pudel-Salon, eine medizinische Untersuchung vom Puppy-Veterinär und wir konnten ungestört mit den anderen Pups im Moshpit spielen.

Als Mr. Puppy Europe will ich natürlich informieren, Fragen beantworten und denen helfen, die neugierig auf Puppy Play sind. Es gefällt mir sehr, die Freude an Puppy Play zu verbreiten. Zu Folsom Europe mache ich auch meine erste Puppy Party in der Scheune gemeinsam mit dem BLF und In Dog We Trust. Dort wird es genug Platz geben, um sich auszutoben, zu spielen und bei einem kühlen Getränk zu entspannen. Dieses mal wird es dort auch, von Geared Ireland gesponserte, weiche Matten geben, damit wir uns keine Sorgen machen müssen um unsere Pfoten.

Ich freue mich schon total auf Folsom Europe 2015. WOOF! WOOF! WOOF! *Jagt freudig hinter seinem eigenen Schwanz her.*

Was denkst du darüber?



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