WHOLE- United Queer Festival


25.08.2017 - 27.08.2017

Finsterwalde, 03238 Finsterwalde,

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From the holes that brought you the Berlin scene, crawls the ultimate WHOLE – United Queer Festival – a common ground for all manners and methods of plugging our holes, a celebration of all that makes us whole.

WHOLE – United Queer Festival is born out of some of Berlin’s most successful queer collectives and aims to create a sex positive utopian festival. Their events proliferate difference, and their spaces are inviting and inclusive. Collaborative productions rooted in affinity and friendship, often showcasing local sounds and work made by people from the “scene”, not owning any nightclubs but curating the nightlife in Berlin.

With a festival ground that is as diverse as the partners involved, WHOLE – United Queer Festival found the perfect base for their first edition. Surrounded by nature and two hours outside of Berlin, WHOLE will host its first festival at Bergheider See. By keeping the numbers down to 1,000 open- minded attendees, WHOLE will ensure a unique and intimate experience that fosters deep connections to the music and the people themselves.

With a quality line-up as one of the foundations of the festival, festival goers can expect a diverse range of new and upcoming artists, local talent, and renowned international headliners.

LINE UP: Boris | Discodromo | Oliver Deutschmann | Marc Miroir | Aérea Negrot | Curses | Jamaica Suk | Princess Century | Luz | Mauro Feola | Samuel Gieben | Unhuman | kaltes | DE vs. Trost | MXM | Sirio Gry J | Deepneue | Aswad | Projekt Gestalten | 2FARO | Mashyno | Joseph Diel | Laura de Vasconcelos | Nene H. | Cosma Lab

The festival kick-off will occur on Friday, the 25th of August at 7 pm. Music, queer performance art, work- shops and installations will follow throughout the entire weekend until Sunday 27th of August 7 pm.

“Queens, Kings, criminals, and queers
There are no tears for the creatures of the night.
We come together to become undone, more than one,
as pure biology or the prophecy of history,
at once escaping and negating that which cannot contain us, which cannot prevent us. Welcome everybody!”

For more information and ticket release: https://www.facebook.com/events/811716309006021/



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