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grelle forelle
Spittelauer Lände 12, 1090 Wien,

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Größte mixed Techno Party der Hauptstadt.

Mit Mega Darkroom.



Grelle Forelle is an electronic music club in Vienna, Austria, located in the 9th district on the banks of the danube canal, which opened it’s doors for the first time in December of 2011. The musical focus is Techno, but the club showcases a variety of genres including House, Hip-Hop live shows, and alternative concerts. The club’s identity is not defined in terms of a restrictively narrow focus, but rather by an eclectic commitment to “underground” music of highest quality.  Over the last few years Grelle Forelle has positioned itself as a space to educate as well as to entertain.  It is hoped that the range of artists shown at the club hints at the strides Vienna has taken to emerge out of the shadows of its European neighbours and establish itself as a hub for the underground in its own right.  Grelle Forelle <>< was conceptualised with the aim of developing Vienna’s party infrastructure firmly in mind, and marks one more step towards the continued evolution of the city as a respected contributor to international club culture.

The club has a strict policy prohibiting photography, video and audio recordings at the club.  These measures are meant to ensure a secure space for guests to express themselves freely and openly in a private environment throughout the club.


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