Dominic Pacifico has been a performer in gay adult entertainment since 2010, having shot with every major studio producing content. Turns out his music is as expressive as the rest of this hot desert stud from Nevada.

BM: Is there a certain club scene you play for? It seems you don‘t play the too commercial sound you get in gay clubs.

DP: I play all over the world I guess, a lot of times it ends up being more of the circuit scene. I seem to play a lot of parties where guys are running around with their shirt off. Which I like.

BM: How often would you say you star in movies too? How many scenes?

DP: I’ve been performing for about 6 years. So there was a point where I was doing a scene, or starring in a film 2 or 3 times a week and now im actually working on launching my own site.

BM: Does the barebacking issue in porn create a lot of obstacles for a start up porn company?

DP: We don‘t have a lot of those laws in Nevada so it’s not really something I myself have to worry about. I don‘t really do bareback born just because I‘ve never really had to. Only recently was I offered it.

I actually don‘t think it‘s a bad thing as long as everybody is safe and now that everyone has the option of taking PrEP/Truvada it‘s not the way it was before. I don‘t think it should be as frowned upon.

BM: You say that you never had to, are you saying some guys have to, do you think these kind of relationships exist where somebody doesn‘t seem to have a choice, in doing bareback porn?

DP: It’s not whether they have to, some guys have been in the situation or the studios put them in the situation where they feel like they have to. There are studios that pay the most if you bareback. it makes guys lean towards wanting to do that because they can make 2-3 times as much as a normal studio would pay. Years ago it was the opposite, the most professional of studios – you had to be the most attractive looking guy and you wouldn‘t work for a bareback company and the bareback company 5-6 years ago didn‘t pay as much and now it’s the opposite. My website dominicpacifico.com doesn‘t focus on bareback. I’m not opposed to it but thats really really not the focus.

BM: PrEP and Truvada have a very strong lobby in the States. It’s not really picking up here in Europe.

DP: For me I was really opposed to it in the beginning because it seemed like an excuse for guys to not wear a condom and go ahead and have promiscuous sex. It can be working against the whole idea of finding a cure for HIV and protecting oneself against other STDs. But then I realized that I was wrong and that it does make sense for as many people who are

having multiple partners because there are mistakes and even if you‘re in a monogamous relationship they could potentially cheat on you or you yourself could make a mistake one night and that could be a life changing decision for you and your partner or maybe a good friend you had sex with you if you go ahead and decide to protect yourself then you‘re also protecting those around you. It takes us all to make that decision not only to protect ourselves but also to make sure that everyone around us is taken care of until there is a cure.

BM: So it is merely a question of moral?

DP: Yeah but its also a question of mental health, if you want to go have fun and go out and not use a condom you might as well, if you‘re HIV negative. You might as well take the Truvada. I personally take it and also wear protection. I’ve been doing porn for so long and I’ve had multiple sexual partners I think it would be silly for me to get HIV now after all these years.

BM: Have you got things planned for the winter months? It’s winter here anyway…

DP: Actually the day before christmas I leave to Australia, I’m DJing in Brisbane, at a party called Fluffy and then I fly to Sydney for New Year’s Day, theres a party called Baywash which they do for New Years and Mardi Gras, I go down and play for and then that same day I fly to Melbourne, and they‘re having a party called Hard Candy I‘m playing that same night. So three parties for the new year. And then in January me and my friends we produce the Hustla Ball Las Vegas on January 15th and 16th.

BM: Thank you so much!

DP: Thank you.

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