Recently the photo exhibition by Daniel Nassoy opened at La Mine in the Marais – the gay district of Paris. With the many news reports of discrimination, political unrest, mayhem, terrorism and murders that have come from the French capital in the last year, this exhibition serves as a strong reminder to our community not to lose focus of the injustices that are still wreaking havoc on the plight of LBGTI communities around the world.   

The photographer presents contrasting and haunting images of men in various positions – either bound with an oversized rope or without – portraying the varying degrees of oppression and rights that are allowed by both anti and pro LGBTI laws in various countries around the world.

These models are then further coded with a superimposed image of a national flag or map to specifically depict the countries and the level of freedoms that they are granted.

As you all should know, there is a full range of legal castes created and enforced by both dictators and elected governments alike that deprive our global community of the justice and equality that it rightfully deserves. While some of us are able to enjoy the freedom to marry the person they love and also adopt children, unfortunately this is not the case for all.

Still to this day there are more than a few places where being convicted of this ‚crime‘ of being gay can result in severe penalties. Nassoy states that many countries still condemn homosexuality today, especially in Africa where in four countries the death penalty still applies. „The homophobia water mark is reached on the African continent.“ – from a report published by Amnesty International in 2013, pointing to the rise in assaults, imprisonments and crimes suffered by homosexual and transsexual people in Africa.

There are still many other countries where homosexuals are unjustly punished – being sentenced to long prison terms or banished to live on the fringes of society, simply not accepted by the population. It is also still common practice in many countries where some are also convinced that they are able to „heal“ homosexuals by using drugs, jail, conversion therapy sessions or even torture.

The contrasts are extreme indeed and this is the point that the artist makes with his newest series of photographs. To further substantiate and legizimize the focus, Nassoy also enlisted a varied group of prominent writers including journalists, historians, publishers, poets and philosophers from around the world to accompany his visuals with texts of both their personal experiences and opinions on this subject.

Cartes du Corps by Daniel Nassoy is on exhibition thru 15 February at La Mine, 20 Rue Plâtre 750004 Paris

Artist‘s website: menofmydreams.com

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