The term collage was coined by Pablo Picasso in the beginning of the 20th century when this medium became a distinctive part of modern artand since then there have been many exhibitions of collage artists’ works in museums and galleries all around the world.
Here we present the super sexy collage work of UK artist Dervin Batarlo which is based on the same basic principals of yet another famous collage artist Henri Matisse in his piece – ‘The Dancers’, but the subject matter Dervin uses here is much more detailed and pleasing to the eye for us.
This particular project actually began almost a year ago when I first spotted his work on Instagram.  We had a chat about a collaboration and then started to send our magazine titles directly to Dervin at his studio and here are the results.

My work is a visual study of male form, not just in gay porn but also in fashion and sports. and highlights our obsession with the idealised bodies.

How did you first decide to work with collage as your medium of choice ?

My fascination with collage started when I saw an exhibition of John Stezaker’s (an English conceptual artist from the 70s) collages at the Whitechapel Gallery in London back in 2011. Also, I have always enjoyed the fragility and tactility of paper. I feel that in today’s age, when computer programs and apps make it easier to create art, it is important for me to use something as basic as paper to fully connect with what I am creating. 

Where do your inspirations come from for these erotic creations? 

Gay pornography, especially in gay porn magazines. I have always been fascinated by what the images or scenes portray, including the idealised male body/form. I also find various social media platforms rather intriguing. A lot of them such as Instagram and Twitter seem to have become a platform for showing male nudes, which is fantastic. It is great to see that people are becoming more liberated. 

Was porn always a good source for you or what other inspirations did you use? 

I also look for inspirations from shapes and patterns of daily objects as well as topography and aerial photography. I am also inspired by various art movements such as the Bauhaus and Constructivism for their use of shapes and colours. 


original collage by: Dervin Batarlo


What fantasies are you portraying with these cropped and reassembled images? 

I fantasise a world where censorship is not needed. My aim is to recreate, what to some is a taboo, into a piece of art. By slicing, cropping and reassembling the images, I create my own abstract interpretation of gay porn.

You use a lot of the colour red in your work… what does this represent to you ?

I’ve always been drawn to the colour red. To me, it represents passion, lust and danger. I think it goes perfectly well with the taboo nature of gay porn. 

In closing, I have to ask, who are your favourite porn stars? 

I have few that comes to mind, some of which I have previously featured in my work and some whom I would like to feature in the future – Damien Crosse, Devin Franco, Sean Ford, Jackson Radiz, Darius Ferdynand, Tim Kruger…the list goes on. (bb)

Instagram: @dervinbatarlo_collage

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